1926 Miami Hurricane Blamed On Sunspots

Miami was wiped out by a category four hurricane in 1926, which killed hundreds of people and was blamed by scientists on sunspots. That was before scientists were paid to blame hurricanes on CO2.

20 Sep 1926, 14 – Evening Courier at Newspapers.com


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3 Responses to 1926 Miami Hurricane Blamed On Sunspots

  1. AndyDC says:

    Then an even worse one in 1928. Then FL also had major hurricanes in 1944, 1945, 1947, 1949 and 1950. Back then they were just hurricanes and not “proof” of a climate catastrophe.

  2. Norilsk says:

    The media makes a huge deal about Hurricane Michael being the worst hurricane to hit the Florida panhandle. Tell me, how long is the Florida coastline? Everytime a major hurricane hits any part of that coasline it will be the worst to hit it.

  3. In 1926, people had more common sense than they do now (referring to the liberals). I can actually agree with the 1926 Hurricane being blamed on sunspots…

    You see, low sunspot trends (if they last long enough) tend to have a large effect on the weather and climate. There is a 22 year cycle that the sun goes through to get from high activity to low activity (TSI and sunspots). Every 11 years, there is a maximum and 11 years later, there is a minimum. There are also long-term cycles of 230 years of high sunspot activity and a cycle of about 120 years of low sunspot activity. The low sunspot activity of the 1600s and 1700s can largely account for the “Little Ice Age,” but there are also atmospheric and oceanic circulation cycles into play, not to mention high volcanic activity.

    During solar minimums, there is less energy getting put out by the Sun, which in turn causes the atmospheric pressure to decrease, lowering the temperature profile of the different climate zones. I also want to mention that earthquakes tend to see an increase during (prolonged) periods of low sunspot activity due to a strong Earth and Solar Connection for earthquakes, (however, earthquakes generally occur due to plate shifts as we know).

    Anyhow, back to the 1926 Hurricane; 1926 was near the bottom of a solar cycle. Florida State University has theorized that extreme weather events such as hurricanes generally occur during solar minimums.

    I would love to have your feedback on this,

    Chris (The ClimateGuy)

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