Assaulting Women

If it were up to male voters, the Democratic Party would have been gone decades ago.

I know a lot of women in Colorado who are convinced the world is falling apart and faces imminent doom. When I ask them what they see going on around them which has led them to that conclusion, they invariably start talking about things which happened far away and have no bearing on their lives.

“Trump grabs pussy”
“School shootings”
“Hot weather in India”
“Locking children in cages”
etc …

All of these women I know live very safe, comfortable lives, but they are being brainwashed by mass and social media to believe they are in the midst of chaos and danger. I’m quite certain women are being targeted to be frightened into voting for Democrats.

These women are being assaulted by the Democratic Party and the press, who are stealing their mental health. My neighbor in Boulder says she can’t sleep at night because of all the bad things going on. She lives in an idyllic spot with almost no crime and beautiful weather, and lives in terror which exists entirely inside her own imagination.

Republicans aren’t assaulting women, but CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, NPR, the DNC, and and many other left-wing propagandists are.

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