Mandatory Insanity

I attended the Women’s March on DC the day after President Trump’s inauguration.  I’ve never seen so many mentally ill people in my life, whom the press was fawning over as “the resistance.”

The upcoming election is essential for the survival of our country.  There are millions of completely insane leftists out there, and we have one month of very hard work ahead to make them irrelevant.

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24 Responses to Mandatory Insanity

  1. Psalmon says:

    Mitch McConnell won his Senate seat in 1984 when a GOP President did what he promised, had the US strong abroad, and economy booming at home.

    I hope McConnell and the GOP retain both houses and get another crack at this kind of success (sans Paul Rino Ryan). We can hardly believe today an electoral map like Reagan’s 1984, but if the GOP would figure out they CANNOT lose passing ALL of Trump’s promises (and will win rather hugely)…2020 could be as close as we get in our lifetimes.

    It’s not enough to be against lunatics…the GOP should remind people what they are FOR and then do it (like Build the Damn Wall).

    Yes this happened just a 24 years ago in a “divided” America…

  2. Anon says:

    I just wonder who is running things in the Democratic Party? The last decade has been nothing but a FIASCO. They started out with the Presidency and super majorities in the legislature, and had a once in a generation opportunity to govern…. then they lost the House, then the Senate, then most of the State governorships and legislatures, followed by the Presidency (to someone they took as a joke) and now the Supreme Court. You might think, just looking at the landscape of utter destruction, that someone might get a clue with all that has happened, but all I see is them doubling down on policies that got them booted in the first place. And it all started with arrogantly passing Obamacare without a single Republican vote.

    I am guessing that is because Obama spent only two years in the United States Senate and became President without a clue about how politics, the government and country he was entrusted with all functioned.

    Here is a quote from one of LBJ’s advisors on launching Medicare in 1965:

    <i?But at least one veteran of the launch of Medicare — Joseph Califano, one of LBJ’s top domestic aides at the time — isn’t too surprised with the fallout of the decision to move ahead on Obamacare without GOP support.

    Even though LBJ had huge Democratic majorities in 1965, he insisted that “we have to shoot for half the Republican votes, because if we don’t, they’ll drive us crazy — they’ll kill us on appropriations, they’ll kill us with the Republican governors,” recalls Califano…

    And the results that ensued completely followed LBJ’s script / prediction.

    There is a massive screw loose somewhere on that side…

    • Anon says:

      And look at the parallels with CAGW. Even as the globe continues to cool and Greenland and the Arctic gain ice, the CAGW proponents are doubling down: somehow thinking more headlines and articles will overcome the facts on the ground.

      In 2016, after losing the States, the House, the Senate, the headlines blared that the Republican Party was history:

      Why The GOP is Doomed, Doomed, Doomed

      I was an Independent back then and rarely ever listened to Rush Limbaugh (as he was a Climate Denier) but right now right now he is about the only voice of sanity left and I find myself tuning into his show each day. WTF!?

      • Patrick says:

        In 1988 (?) Ted Danson (Cheers) started the 10-year doomsday clock due to CAGW. I remember driving a delivery truck and listening to Rush and his “Ted Danson 10-year count-down update”. Using absurdity to expose the absurdity has always been the trademark of Rush’s success. 30 years of broadcast excellence. He’s a hoot. Always has been.

    • Robertv says:

      “i just wonder who is running things in the Democratic Party? ”

      Who is ruining the system with unlimited cheap ‘money’ ?

      The Federal Reserve (and International Monetary Fund (UN)).

      • Disillusioned says:

        I see George Soros’ money being blamed a lot. Dunno.

      • Charles Higley says:

        It would be exclusionary to have anyone in charge!! How do you not see that?

        They have to be inclusionary which means they have no clear idea what they are doing, only what makes them feel good and virtuous, which are not necessarily related to reality or even humanity.

  3. Gator says:

    If you really want to see the faces of the real democrat party, and what they believe and desire, take a stroll through the pages here…

    And be sure not to miss the Hall of Shame…

  4. Bob Hoye says:

    A very “pretty” political map.
    Many professional pollsters were wrong in 2016.
    There are many people “invisible” to such polling methods. And this is the voter who won’t admit to supporting a pro-business party and government.
    I’ve lived in British Columbia for a long time. Beginning in the 1950s, such a party dominated the political scene for some 25 years. Sound government, but fashionable people could not openly admit to supporting the party. Too many “Christians” and “little old ladies in tennis shoes”.
    However, the party led by a very successful small-town businessman consistently won majorities.
    Nixon called them the “silent majority”.
    The recent atrocity imposed by the Deep State, its political party and media has now motivated many ordinary people to get out and vote. They will be influential in the November election.
    No net losses and perhaps an increase in seats for the Republicans, some of whom are only now discovering the popular uprising that won in 2016.
    Exciting times.

    • Patrick says:

      I was messing around with NYT election results using only the 10 teams in the MLB Playoffs (Atlanta, Chicago, L.A., Colorado, Milwaukee, New York, Boston, Houston, Oakland, and Cleveland) and the counties they reside in. Almost 10,000,000 votes in just 10 counties. 74% voted for Hillary.

      Liberalism is packed into the BIG CITIES for the most part. That hasn’t changed in years. It’s easy to convince people that the world is flat, when they don’t venture into the real world and depend on BIG CITY MEDIA for their REAL NEWS.

      • cdquarles says:

        The city is a controlled environment, so the people are wild. The country is a wild environment, so the people control themselves.

      • Psalmon says:

        Been published here many times but here it is again. Astonishing to me how red the East Coast really is. Don’t stop believing that a 1984 election could redraw what we all think of as a “divided” country.

        Divided only between Urban and the Rest.

        • John F. Hultquist says:

          Urban and the Rest

          That’s a little too general.
          Note the 2 “blues” of the counties where you will find Washington State University (Whitman) and the University of Idaho (Latah). The populations are very concentrated in Pullman and Moscow. Whitman county is mostly dryland farming. Latah is farming and forest.
          In central Washington you will find “red” Kittitas County with Central Washington University but the rest of the County has enough other things going on that the map above does not get a “blue” smudge.

  5. Charles Straw says:

    A day or two after Trump announced his intention to run for President, we had two friends (who I would describe as “sincere suburban NPR Democrats”) over for drinks and dinner…

    After dinner, the conversation uncomfortably turned to Trump:

    “Trump is Hitler” – asserted Friend #1

    “Uh, I don’t think so” – I gently retorted

    “Oh yes, Trump is Hitler” – replied Friend #2

    “Nope, I don’t think Trump is Hitler”
    I repeated in a slightly perturbed manner

    “Yes he is!…Trump is Hitler!”
    both friends chimed together

    It wasn’t exactly the kind of deep conversational exchange I needed, so I quickly stood up and exited our house in a determined matter…when I returned and for months afterwards, I was given a slight cold shoulder by our friends, which was strange because I had not declared any support for Trump, I had only questioned their bizarre assertions that Trump is somehow Hitler

    We’re all human, so I resist negatively characterizing Democrats or the Left…however I do have a low tolerence for shallow or irrationally-based blanket ideations

    Since this encounter, I have more and more hinted (in mixed company) that I’m not only very OK with Trump, but I find Trump to be much more human, down to Earth and real than he has to be (or needs to be). Trump’s manner of direct speaking alone is worth the admission price

    • Disillusioned says:

      “sincere suburban NPR Democrats”

      I used to be one of those. Then I became disillusioned. Sincerely.

      I am embarrassed I believed the lies for as long as I did.

      • Charles Straw says:

        As a youngster, I tended to be emotionally torn asunder as I observed my parents debate the merits (my mom) and the demerits (my dad) of President Richard Nixon

        Their debates never ended well and though I have followed party politics off and on throughout my life, it’s only recently that I’ve felt the need to really find some answers and some stability…especially today as hysteria and speculation
        rule the airwaves…I mean, who needs the grief?

        For me, the last straws were the insanities (to borrow from this post title) I’ve encountered on standard milktoast web media like Facebook…all shapes of political purveyors are found on Facebook, but dedicated purveyors of unsettling nonsense seem to be the ones least likely to clearly defend their posts and their 10th party information

        If you’ve got, you can show it…

        Similar to *Disillusioned* I also feel a bit embarrased,
        but cheered by the fact that I’ve somewhat come to my senses

    • gregole says:

      Hi Charles,

      Yes, President Trump, like no other it seems, really brings out the craziness in a some people.

      Without expressing an opinion one way or the other, I asked the perturbed (now commonly know as those suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome) to let me know what they thought the newly elected President Trump would do that was so terrible. The answers I got ranged from simply wrong (the stock market will crash due to “uncertainty” – there will be a world-wide recession / depression) to the totally unhinged (Mexico will launch a military invasion of the United States because of the wall / gays will be rounded up and put in concentration camps).

      He’s done a fine job so far. Do you follow his speeches? I thinks they are excellent. I particularly liked his campaign-trail foreign policy speech, the speech he gave in Poland and the latest one he gave at the UN. I’m sure there are more – I don’t sit around and hang on every word politicians utter – but when he speaks, he speaks more or less for me; for what I think and believe.

      Whatever your political persuasion, vote republican across the board this election. This latest breed of democrats needs to be gone so we can start talking about things that really matter. I think if they are obliterated in this election, they will have to re-think, I mean really re-think how they can get votes again. I mean windmills to cure a non-existent climate problem and 87 different genders to be inclusive don’t you know, isn’t cutting it. This stuff doesn’t help people and no constituency should be expected to vote for a party that delivers nothing.

  6. Chuck kellner says:

    Tony the blog is as great as ever. Love it! Keep up the hard work.

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