Terror Attacks And Hate Speech

Last week, Barack Obama’s friend called Jews “termites” – and today a synagogue was shot up.

The people who were blaming last week’s fake terror attack on President Trump have gone strangely silent.

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12 Responses to Terror Attacks And Hate Speech

  1. Mac says:

    Barack Obama is responsible for the rise in anti-Semitism in this country, and he is to blame for an idiot like Louis Farrakhan being taken seriously these days. Obama and his slimy friend Farrakhan should explain themselves. The guy who shot up the synagogue this morning hates Trump and Jews as much as Obama and Farrakhan do. This horrible incident is a direct result of 10 years of neoliberal anti-Semitism, and pro-Muslim sympathy, stoked by our Muslim ex-president.

    This was the worst attack on Judaism is our country’s history. I find it no coincidence that it occurred after Farrakhan basically called for violence against Jews last week.

    • arn says:

      Well-Louis Farrakhan was a well known asshole long before Obama
      and he was probably behind the killing of Malcolm X(you know,those muslims who killed him missunderstood something once again as already mohammed did when he genozided 2 jewish tribes)
      as Malcolm X was exposing the collaboration of the nation of islam with Nazis in the USA(no joke),a few days he later he was killed.

      But if you want to know how this man really is you just need to take a closer look.
      He was researching the slave trade and exposed some interressting stuff most here are willing to ignore,but on the other hand he completely forgot the role of islam ,not just in this slave trade,but of the barbary coast when muslims ‘harvested’ europeans from all around the coast
      but most importantly that slavery in islam exists from the very beginning
      of islam(mohammed enslaved and killed thousands) and is not just 100% legal according to sharia law but is still existing and that black people are still enslaved by muslims on a large scale(arab on black slavery in mauretania,20% of population enslaved,black muslim on black christian slavery in Sudan-strange that western media was so worried about apartheid in south africa and zimbabwe but don’t give a shit as soon as the offenders are not white)
      and that black tribes went to war when evil white men tried to end african west coast slavery .
      He also does not mention that,when arabs sent Wallace Fart Muhammed
      to create the nation of islam in the 1930ies they still enslaved black people on the entire aran peninsula.
      He also does not ask:Where are these blacks now?
      They dissappeared somehow!?

      He also does not ask:
      Why,after 700 years of moorish(black) rule there are mixed semitic/arab european people to be found in spain but no black ones?
      What have the arabs that came from africa with them done to those black people so they could not
      mix themselves with the natives or the arabs????)?

      And maybe-finally,he can tell us who the people were that started the first,the mother of all pogroms in Europe in 1066- the massaker of grenada.
      A special sort of people had to arrive and enrich-find out who.

  2. Squidly says:

    So, according the the LeftTurds, the Dumbocreeps and the MSM, they should be blaming Obama, Farrakhan, Ellison and the rest for this tragedy. Hey, they set the rules with the FakeBomber. Anything less shows you exactly what sort of despicable pieces of shit they really are.

    Let’s see now:
    . FakeBomber: “It’s all Trump’s fault, he needs to take responsibility”
    . Actual Shooting (with deaths): “Nothing to see here. Move along. But probably Trump’s fault”

    Yep .. no bias, no bias at all…

    Now you can understand why we are seeing a RED Tsunami this midterm election. It’s shit like this why Trump won in the first place, and it’s shit like this why we (conservatives, patriots) will continue to win for decades to come!

    Deal with it !!!

  3. Charles Straw says:

    Can’t forget the Clintons hob-nobbing with Master Farrakhan at Aretha Franklin’s funeral last month…typical…and grotesque

  4. Anon says:

    No, actually this is Trump’s fault:

    Apparently it was Trump’s belated condemnation of the Nazi’s and white supremacists (both sides are responsible) after Charlottesville that set this guy off.

    New Outcry as Trump Rebukes Charlottesville Racists 2 Days Later

    Mr. Trump, after two days of issuing equivocal statements, bowed to overwhelming pressure that he personally condemn white supremacists who incited bloody weekend demonstrations in Charlottesville.


    So much for Trump taking advice from the MSM:

  5. Louis Joseph Hooffstetter says:

    I’m not sure Obama, or Trump, or the media deserve the blame for this (or for the MAGA bomber as the MSM has dubbed him), I think we should simply invoke Occam’s Razor and blame the recent insanity on crazy people acting out their frustrations. It’s true they may have been incited by crazy talk from other borderline crazy people (and if you watch the MSM, you know there’s plenty of that going around), but holding someone else responsible for the twisted bizarre actions of a crazy person is just… crazy.


    • feathers says:

      I think this is precisely Tony’s point. However, if we don’t stand up and highlight the utter hypocrisy then there is no mechanism to ever hold the left in check (we are likely already there).

      I just pray there’s a good percentage of the American people that can see there is NOTHING the left won’t do to win an election, nothing! If anything Americans hate being lied to and manipulated (if they are smart enough to ask the obvious questions)! What would 56+ GOP senators and holding the House do to the MSM? It would be such a hit to their credibility that who’s ever left (in the middle) would have to realize they’ve been fed lies – and leave for good!

  6. Disillusioned says:

    My thoughts and prayers for the victims’ families and friends in their time of grief.

  7. MGJ says:

    Didn’t Farrakhan rather bizarrely claim to be a Trump convert recently?
    Perhaps the left can claim that’s when he suddenly turned into a Jew-hater, having previously been a perfectly lovely gentleman. /s

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