Washed Away By The Storm Surge

The wood framed six-plex at 113 South 39th St. in Mexico Beach, Florida was washed away by the storm surge, while the newer neighboring houses on stilts suffered minimal damage to their second and third stories.

Most of the homes which were destroyed in Mexico Beach were older one story homes, which didn’t have a chance against a nine foot storm surge.

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7 Responses to Washed Away By The Storm Surge

  1. Psalmon says:

    Saw CNN reporting today as voice over to it’s Michael hurricane footage saying “…here as 150mph winds blow at landfall…”

    This is how #FakeHurricaneNews works…the plane goes out, records 150mph at 5000 ft ASL before landfill and that becomes the winds at landfall, on land, never measured, damage not consistent…doesn’t matter…except if a storm like Andrew ever shows up in large form. Biggest Cry Wolf being set up in the history of Cry Wolfs.

  2. AndyDC says:

    I don’t understand how a 919 mb (27.14″) hurricane could do so little structural damage. Is it due to better construction?

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      More to do with modern pan-, near instantaneous, satellite measurements/estimates being compared to random historical ground based readings I expect. The damage is probably consistent with whatever the ground instrument readings were.

      Obviously the modern/old comparison and consequential declaration of 3rd worst ever, is dubious/fake.

  3. Gamecock says:

    ‘while the newer neighboring houses on stilts suffered minimal damage to their second and third stories.’

    Okay, but how much good is still having that lone house in a sea of debris? Probably better off to have had it wiped and collect the insurance. Like firemen saving your house from fire, but the water damage makes it useless, anyway.

    • Steven Fraser says:

      The people that live on the beach do not think that way.

    • Gator says:

      I have priceless heirlooms that I want protected, and that cannot be replaced with insurance money. I suspect there are others like me.

    • arn says:

      Well,even none lone-houses in that regions are now insides a sea of debris
      and a lot of rich people pay tons of money to have a lone house at crowded florida beach.

      The bigger problems for them will be how good the infrastructure is niw
      and that they’ll have to deal with some noise for long time(removing debris,rebuilding houses)
      Insurance money won’t be a problem,as the criminal elements will crack some stilts on their own to get the needed structural damage for the insurance money

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