Election Collusion Update

The Arizona Senate debate was a pretty obvious setup between the PBS moderator and the Sinema campaign.  The debate came a few days after video was released showing Sinema describing Arizona as a “meth lab” and saying that Arizonans were “crazy.”

The moderator didn’t mention anything about that, and instead opened up the debate asking Sinema how she reconciled her liberal past with her new conservative image. Based on her reaction, it was obvious that she was expecting that exact question and she reeled off a well rehearsed answer – bragging about how often she votes with President Trump. The moderator smiled and left it at that.

The moderator then went on pressing one Democratic Party talking point after another, and kept attacking Martha McSally for agreeing with President Trump.

I was just listening to YouTube music and a Sinema ad came on, attacking McSally for how often she votes with President Trump. How stupid would a person have to be to vote for a two-faced slimeball like that?

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  1. GeologyJim says:

    I have pretty much given up believing anything that is based on “polling” in the US, largely due to bias in sampling rates and other anomalies. Not to mention how often the polls turn out totally wrong.

    But polls do tell us approximately what proportion of the populace is totally died-in-the-wool liberal and impervious to any rational argument or fact-based policy position. It seems that number sits at about 25-30%

    So I’m “forecasting” about 25-30% are ignorant and amoral enough to check a box for Loony Sinema

    There is no rational reason NOT TO VOTE FOR McSally, so there you go.

    I certainly hope to be able to call her Senator McSally in January

  2. Anon says:

    /How stupid would a person have to be to vote for a two-faced slimeball like that?/

    I have to wonder about the Democrats. They ran a completely phony primary last time around and a lot of people that supported Bernie Sanders were completely burned, yet they line up again like sheep to go vote again. I would imagine if it happened on the Republican side, people like Hannity & Tucker Carlsen, Limbaugh would still be apoplectic about it. With accountability and consequences like that, the Democratic Party must be a magnet for corrupt individuals.

    The Wrap Up Smear


    Phony elections, phony promises, massive corruption… and voters think that with these folks in place, the world will be a better place? (lol)

    • Robertv says:

      The world will be a better place for these folks . Just ask the black community after 8 years of Obambi.
      BIG Government is always bad for personal freedom.

  3. Colorado Wellington says:

    Oh no, the end of free press!

    For Brazil’s right-wing President-elect Jair Bolsonaro, attacking critical press outlets almost daily on social media is not enough. Once in office, he vows to hit their bottom line.

    With half a billion dollars in public-sector marketing budgets coming under his discretion, the fiery former Army captain is threatening to slash ad buys with adversarial media groups, striking at the financial foundations of Brazil’s free press.

  4. Psalmon says:

    What informed Democrats are saying at the end of Early Voting and the 2018 campaign tonight…

  5. winnipeg boy says:

    George Carlin — ‘Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.’

  6. StormRider_Arizona says:

    If I had a Nickle for every poll that predicted this or that.
    I might be a millionaire.
    Left or Right is a sideways game.
    I prefer what is apparent in the real world. Those in power use Up and Down stratagy against the real world.
    That is why, I like the maestro that We made president.
    He uses their tactics against them.
    Specifically in the area of Law and Order.
    Then there is the huge difference in the numbers. He draws to the Rally’s vs the Left.
    But, one must be aware of the election rigging. That some would use to remain in power.
    No, I’m not counting the chickens before they hatch.
    My only concern is that with the Deep Stated having lost their cloak of invisibility.
    We may be ushering in a very dangerous time in America.
    The Left is showing just how dangerous they can be.
    But, as The Good Shepard say’s “Fear Not”.
    I have marked my ballot for the “Red”. I endorse This President. And, His policies.

  7. feathers says:

    America deserves the government it elects. Arizona should be a 25+ pt. landslide for McSally. On the other hand it’s amazing the Dems are not ahead but 15 points across the board…they have the entire MSM, Silicon Valley, and Deep State working on its behalf! Just imagine if the playing field was even, the GOP would have 300 House members and 65 Senators.

    • Gator says:

      You forgot pop culture, the jealous America hating bastards of the UN, and virtually all of academia. And lately, the Pope. The Demoncrat Party machine is Legion.

  8. Squidly says:

    It will truly be sad, if not catastrophic should Ms. Enema win. McSally is a true American Patriot. Ms. Enema is a slimeball piece of shit. I find it amazing that should could attract a single vote. Ms. Enema is a psychopath. A total lunatic.

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