Election Collusion Update

The Arizona Senate debate was a pretty obvious setup between the PBS moderator and the Sinema campaign.  The debate came a few days after video was released showing Sinema describing Arizona as a “meth lab” and saying that Arizonans were “crazy.”

The moderator didn’t mention anything about that, and instead opened up the debate asking Sinema how she reconciled her liberal past with her new conservative image. Based on her reaction, it was obvious that she was expecting that exact question and she reeled off a well rehearsed answer – bragging about how often she votes with President Trump. The moderator smiled and left it at that.

The moderator then went on pressing one Democratic Party talking point after another, and kept attacking Martha McSally for agreeing with President Trump.

I was just listening to YouTube music and a Sinema ad came on, attacking McSally for how often she votes with President Trump. How stupid would a person have to be to vote for a two-faced slimeball like that?

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