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Black Friday

No sunspots in Boulder today. At least not for those of us who don’t get stoned.

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Another Global Warming “Canary In The Coal Mine” Freezes To Death

Hudson Bay sea ice extent is highest for the date in 25 years, ninth highest on record, and nearly double 1981. It has been above normal for three out of the last four years. Ice Products – Product – Product … Continue reading

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Endless Summer Update

Kate Thornton on Twitter

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End Of The Arctic Ice Scam

North Pole May Be Ice-Free for First Time This Summer Ten years ago, I wrote my first article exposing the melting Arctic scam. The scam is on its last legs. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Very cold, … Continue reading

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Leftists Being Groomed To Destroy Civil Society

The beatings will continue, until morale improves For the past thirty years since the fall of the Soviet Union, leftists have been trained to destroy all social institutions in the west – most importantly the family. This article says you … Continue reading

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Understanding Leftists

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Thanksgiving Birds

Wind turbines didn’t get these ones … yet  

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