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October Surprise

Schumer to Trump: Intel officials have ways to strike back Reeling From Tragedy, Many in Pittsburgh Say Trump Should Not Visit – The New York Times

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2018 – An Important Year For The Climate

As 2018 winds down, some solemn introspection on climate skepticism is necessary. This was the year the Maldives drowned, Lower Manhattan drowned, and the Arctic became ice-free. 26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands Stormy weather – Global warming – … Continue reading

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Scary Halloween Costume

New Mexico is dressing in white privilege for Halloween.

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“Science Tells Them” – To Ignore Data

The Union of Concerned Communist Scientists has finally discovered the Dust Bowl. Heat Waves and Climate Change: What the Science Tells Us about Extreme Heat Events (2018) | Union of Concerned Scientists They lament that the extreme heat of the … Continue reading

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Twenty Years Of Arizona Seaside Living

Because, science. 04 Mar 1981, Page 71 – Arizona Republic at

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Big Government And Anti-Semitism

In the 1990s, I worked with a rabbi in Houston to help Jews from The Union Of Soviet Socialist Republics obtain political asylum in  the US. Socialists are advocates of big government, centralized control, and are always determined to crush … Continue reading

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Concern About Climate Change Inversely Proportional To Education And Success

People from successful, well educated capitalist countries are much less worried about imaginary climate change, than people from third world, failing socialist $hitholes. What the world thinks about climate change in 7 charts | Pew Research Center 10 Jan 1871 … Continue reading

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Bitcoin To Destroy The Planet

Almost twenty years after announcing the end of snow, the Independent says Bitcoin will destroy the climate. Expanding Bitcoin use will push global warming above 2C in two decades, finds study | The Independent Snowfalls are now just a thing … Continue reading

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One Manhattan Every 20 Seconds

Arctic sea ice continues to expand rapidly, and is currently growing at a rate of one Manhattan every 20 seconds. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

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Bright colors and turning your gaze away from the left – can do wonders for your stature.

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