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Celebrating Sixty Years Of Ice-Free Arctic

The Changing Face of the Arctic; The Changing Face of the Arctic – The New York Times

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SCIENCE : Understanding The Jet Stream

Ninety seven percent of climate scientists agree that a wavy jet stream is caused by global warming and disappearing Arctic ice. CO2 is changing the jet stream in ways that will create more Harveys – ThinkProgress This is not to … Continue reading

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Massachusetts’ First Cherokee Senator

White Cherokees are very real. I see them often in Arizona.

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Texas Breaking Last Years’ Record Cold

Balmorhea, Texas is forecast to reach 46 degrees tomorrow, breaking last year’s record cold maximum temperature by nine degrees. Texas climate experts announced in 2011 that Texas would be hot and dry for the rest of the century, and they … Continue reading

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Science : Record Cold And Snow Caused By Warm Air

Steve Goddard on Twitter

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Arec Boardwin

Alec Baldwin: We need to overthrow the government | New Hampshire Trey Parker and Matt Stone got this exactly right more than 15 years ago.

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Unprecedented Cold In The Western US

Both the maximum and minimum temperature at Fort Collins, Colorado obliterated the previous record for the date. Yesterday was the first October 14 in Fort Collins which didn’t get above freezing. Average temperature for the date is 65 degrees. Los … Continue reading

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Peaceful, Easy Feeling

My favorite song at ASU in 1974 was the Eagles Peaceful, Easy Feeling. We used to have all-night parties out in the desert by the Salt River east of Phoenix. The Totos and I climbed up a mountain tonight, and got some … Continue reading

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Assaulting Women

If it were up to male voters, the Democratic Party would have been gone decades ago. I know a lot of women in Colorado who are convinced the world is falling apart and faces imminent doom. When I ask them … Continue reading

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Interesting Analysis Of Michael

The title of this video is over the top – as are some of her assertions, but she details a lot of the things I have been saying for years about exaggerated wind speeds.

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