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The Resistance

Two weeks after calling for the overthrow of the US government, Alec Baldwin gets arrested for assault. Another hero of the left.

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Arizona Isn’t Crazy – Krysten Sinema Is

Arizona Isn’t “Crazy” — Kyrsten Sinema Is | Arizona Daily Independent

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Decision Time

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Where Were You Two Years Ago?

I was celebrating in Oz. While the press was busy doing their usual thing (cheating, lying, tampering and defrauding) I was celebrating with Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts in front of Parliament House. LIVE Blog: One Nation Celebrates – Twitter … Continue reading

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Springtime In Arizona

We had record rainfall in Phoenix last month, and the poppies opened up today – several months earlier than normal.  

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Send Money To Mohamed For Climate Justice

Former president of the Maldives, Mohamed Nasheed, wants people from Chicago and Winnipeg to send him climate justice money. Mohamed Nasheed: Climate Champion for the World’s Most Vulnerable | Green America The climate there looks unbearable. Please send him whatever … Continue reading

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The Affordable Golf Act

No Golfer Left behind When elected president, my first priority will be to address the skyrocketing cost of golf in  America. Golf is a fundamental human right, which has been denied to too many for too long. Under my plan, … Continue reading

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