Escape From The Maldives

Experts say the Maldives will drown by the end of next month. Tourists are beginning to flee on pink plastic rafts.

Live Cam Kuredu Island Resort

26 Sep 1988 – Threat to islands

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16 Responses to Escape From The Maldives

  1. frederik wisse says:

    The story of the sinking of the Maldives is for the umma , not for tourists .
    A real believer knows better , same as in Suadia Arabia , which is momentarily being drenched .

  2. It’s Ok Tony!

    They all died of thirst in 1992!

  3. MGJ says:

    You’ve got to try harder with post-modernism. The Maldives are disappearing FOR THEM.
    So it’s all true, even though there’s no such thing as truth.

  4. gregole says:

    OMG! It looks like some poor souls are already being engulfed by the rising seas…run for high ground!

  5. Gerald Machnee says:

    Looks like a shortage of rafts from the picture. Oh, where is Greenpeace when we need their yacht?

  6. Theyouk says:

    I can’t believe you would be callous enough to parade their suffering like this…surely the demise of a society at the hands of an inexorably rising sea is worthy of…oh wait. Hey, nice beach. ;-) Have a great Thanksgiving, Tony (and all)!

  7. arn says:

    This proves nothing-
    Nomen est Omen
    There is a reason why it is called “Mal dives”.
    Islands that are bad at diving will always float and adjust to any sea level.

  8. Colorado Wellington says:

    Regular readers of this blog know that the Maldives are doomed. A commenter with remote sensing degree explained to them recently that sea levels are rising dangerously in the middle of the ocean, away from the coasts.

    Pictures of a Maldives beach don’t prove anything. It’s the calm before the storm. One of these days, the towering bulge of water in the middle of the ocean will burst and sink the islands.

    • arn says:

      Thanks god this gravity defying water in the middle of the ocean appeared out of nothing to save us all.
      And it will get much better from now on as we know,the more water there is the bigger the gravity will become and the more water will be there(a runaway effect similar to the greenhouse one).
      This will result in lower sea levels.
      The only problem will be that nowadays ships were not built to drive up steep water mountains.
      They”ll have to avoid this region.

  9. DCA says:

    If you apply the same “snow is proof of global warming” logic, it doesn’t matter if the seawater level goes up or down. It’s all proof of warming.

  10. AndyDC says:

    Even if sea level is constant, that too is clear proof of catastrophic warming!

  11. David of Aussie says:

    Yes, snow and ice packs located on solid land that melt into sea water, or icebergs that carve from solid land will cause sea level rise. This of course is balanced by fresh ice and snow forming on solid land. And yes some parts of the solid Earth rise and fall by tectonic shifting of continents.

    But for mine, the general background rise of sea level of 1 or 2 millimetres per year is best explained by continental erosion of all land masses above sea level, with sediment carried by creeks, streams and rivers into all the Earth’s oceans.

    This natural process of course has zero to do with ice and snow balances and shows that the balance has barely changed over the last 200 years.

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