How To Identify Global Warming

That snow outside is what global warming looks like | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Apparently global cooling would look like this:

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26 Responses to How To Identify Global Warming

  1. gregole says:


    As the warmunists have repeatedly said, “If you want to see Climate Change, just look out side your window”. So I looked outside my window.

  2. RAH says:

    I’m so tired of their “data”. The observable effects we all can see in the real world contradict what they have been claiming is coming and so they produce, fabricate, model, adjust, fold, spindle, mutilate, and endlessly torture what ever numbers they have to produce more of what they call “data” to support their notional fantasy world. Who listens to this idiot Monboit? He needs to wear his sandals and shorts and go for a walk in NYC and then he may find the “chilling truth”.

    What I see is a damned cold November with heavier than average precipitation for much of N. America and Europe and Siberia.

    I see their “climate change” outside my window. I see a whole lot of trees that still had not lost their leaves covered in 1/4″ of ice and pines folded up like umbrellas from the weight of it. I see limbs down all over town. I saw large segments of the town without power due to the ice. Took my wife to hospital for some scheduled tests on Thursday. Along the way there I saw many lights at the intersections out and when we go there I saw that the place was running on it’s emergency generators when we arrived.

    Monboit can shove his “data” where the sun don’t shine because the real world outside of my window is the one I live in and not his fantasy world.

    • Anon says:

      Unfortunately the world of “observable effects” has caught up with New York City:


      New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is catching heat from all corners as several inches of November snow has virtually crippled one of America’s major cities.

      Liberal pundit Keith Olbermann criticized New York City officials for “COMPLETELY FORGETTING” that snow can come in November, punctuating his comment with the hashtag “YouShouldAllResign.”

      New York City does not understand Global Warming….

      • Steven Fraser says:

        I loved this line from the Watertown daily Times report:

        ‘At Central Park, there were 6.4 inches of snow as of 5 a.m. Friday — the biggest one-day November snowfall in at least 136 years.’

        By my calculations, that would be from 1882.

        Let the ‘snowballs of recrimination fly!’

      • Squidly says:

        I find it rather incredible that New York can no longer handle a snow storm. They all want to do the really difficult things (the impossible) but they can’t even manage a snow storm. Pretty much says all you need to know.

      • toorightmate says:

        If the mayor is catching heat from all corners, that is further proof of global warming.

    • arn says:

      Who cares what observable effects are.

      A shithole is not a shithole because we said so
      and the religion of war is the religion of peace because?(see explanation above)
      and a backdoor nobody is the new messiah because our media said so,
      and a country has to be bombed because WMD-
      and global cooling is no more because global warming is as we changed our opinion
      and russia has manipulated our elections though we have no evidence and never will,while we were directly involved in toppling more than 50 goverments since end of WW2

      of course any idiot can see that all we say is a bunch of crap with no substance as soon as one looks below the surface-
      that’s why we dumbed people down and turned them into selfworshipping superficial pricks prostituting themselves for likes.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      … can shove his “data” where the sun don’t shine …

      Thanks for the heads up, RAH. I always wondered where Monbiot’s fantasy world was located.

  3. arn says:

    I am lying through my teeth and my predictions are shit,
    so i am lying a bit more and pretend that the results contradicting my predictions are confirming my predictions –
    and you will believe me anyway,because i am the expert and you are not.
    That’s why you work for me and i don’t.

    Once you understand that there is no thing in Climate Science that can prove AGW wrong,
    you will join our side as you realised that resistance is futile.

  4. DCA says:

    Heads: I win. Tails: You lose.
    Isn’t this a fun game?

  5. Gator says:

    These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

  6. RAH says:

    Well it’s that time of year again. Last week is was excellent chili and this week it’s vegetable soup.

    My better half makes a meaty vegetable soup that kicks ass when we get into cold weather. 3 lb. top round roast seasoned and slow cooked in the crock pot all night in preparation. Now a 3 gallon pot is on the stove with all the goodness in it to simmer all day. It is an absolute requirement that I take some over to Mom & Dad for dinner today. Will also take a bowl over to the 85 year old widow lady next door. Home made bread to go with it. It’s a miracle that I’m only carrying 204 lb on my 6′ frame.

  7. Disillusioned says:

    Mama Gaia is making propagandists like Monbiot look like the fools that they are.

    Disillusionment is a gift. And [usually] a tough lesson.

  8. richard says:

    A flick thru the comments on the Guardian story and it seems people are not buying it.

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