Love Is In The Air In Arizona

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14 Responses to Love Is In The Air In Arizona

  1. pinroot says:

    the two moths in the second photo blend in with the rocks pretty well (on my phone anyway).

  2. Rah says:

    No Love here. Cold wind howling up here a little East of Buffalo. Plastic trash receptical at this service area on I-90 just went tumbling by. At least I’ll be rocked to sleep in the truck.

  3. Joe in Wyo says:

    Wish I was in Arizona.
    Cold and snowy here in Centennial today….
    I like the abundance of green grass in your photos.
    That rain was a blessing for the desert and its fauna.

  4. Rah says:

    BTW I would Love it very much if the WH kept that A- Hole Acosta out permenatly.

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