Prosecuting Assange

“In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way.”

Franklin Roosevelt

Wikileaks exposed how the DNC and the deep state were meddling in US elections, so they needed to be silenced. Now, ahead of the indictment of Roger Stone for talking to Wikileaks, they need to smear Wikileaks as Russian agents, so that they can give CNN a story to tie the Trump campaign to Russia – which CNN will run 24×7 for weeks. And if President Trump says anything, he will be accused of obstruction.

Had Wikileaks exposed Republican E-mails, they would have been given the Pulitzer Prize.

“The First Amendment doesn’t use the word ‘journalism’ and it doesn’t apply only to journalists. The First Amendment protects anyone who publishes information, regardless of whether they carry the mantle of journalism,”

Free speech threat seen in prosecuting WikiLeaks’ Assange

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  1. Timo Soren says:

    Don’t watch, or listen to anything from CNN anymore. I simply refuse. I am glad you still do so that I can keep up on their flow of hatred at Pres. Trump.

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