The Case For Socialist Reeducation Camps

This couple in the Maldives seems to be unaware that experts predicted the islands would be underwater by now, that they are emitting CO2, and that their long haul flight probably caused a hurricane somewhere.

Live Cam Maldives – Meeru Island

Capitalism is evil. They never had these kinds of problems in the German Democratic Republic or the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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12 Responses to The Case For Socialist Reeducation Camps

  1. Bob Hoye says:

    Can anyone really explain why some addled bureaucrats force us to change our clocks twice a year?

  2. steve case says:

    “The Case For Socialist Reeducation Camps”

    Ha ha Tony – you should be so lucky – they’ve got a lobotomy waiting for you.

  3. Gator says:

    Is that the tropospheric hotspot I see reflected in the water?

  4. David of Aussie says:

    In Australia it is great, the State of New South Wales has DLST during summer but the neighboring State of Queensland does not (rejected in Qld because the locals don’t want their curtains to fade). At the coast, the boarder between the two States runs right down the middle of a suburban street with the town of Coolangatta (Qld) on one side and Tweed Heads (NSW) on the other. This means that on New Years Eve you can get on the piss, party and have a kiss in NSW, then walk across the road and do it all again in Qld.

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