Wheeling The Trojan Horse Into Arizona

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4 Responses to Wheeling The Trojan Horse Into Arizona

  1. Gator says:

    Dionysus would be so proud.

  2. Johansen says:

    After watching a video like that, we should make gun ownership mandatory. Congresspersons should be scared when they come into their districts. Many of them are outright enemies of the people. This is how dictators come to power; you take away guns and start killing 10 percent of the population. Watch “The Soviet Story” on YouTube. This could never happen here without first confiscating weapons.

    Schools and theaters and concert venues are just going to have to provide beefed up security from now on. If they don’t have it, then don’t let your kids participate.

  3. Ernest Bush says:

    I still have a hard time believing Arizonans elected this freak show. She is a known supporter of the Arizona Communist Party (name on party documents), and revealed on video what she thinks of Arizona. I think they spent too much time praising her military background after McCain. We had enough of hearing that about him. The first time I saw an ad touting McSally’s military record I felt that was a mistake

  4. feather says:

    If Arizona certifies the results then I have no sympathy. The results are not plausible, period.

    After 2016 the Republicans should have made voter fraud a much bigger issue. Build the damn wall and 100% voter ID laws in all 50 states.

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