100% Of Scientists Agree – Communism Is The Best System

I survived communism – are you ready for your turn?

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13 Responses to 100% Of Scientists Agree – Communism Is The Best System

  1. Samuel Prentice says:

    I would suggest that most people, myself included, are strongly influenced by their tendencies towards confirmation bias. You tend to lean towards believing things that already confirm what you believe and vice versa. I have always tried to offset this tendency by reading as much of the opposing viewpoints as possible so then you can more readily determine which ones are the most credible.

    In this “modern” so-called information age I think people have become enormously dumbed-down. Most of the people who have bought into the climate alarmism don’t even actually know what science is, and in fact the perceptions they hold regarding science are actually the anti-thesis of true science represented by the scientific method.

  2. frederik wisse says:

    If you accept slavery and the killing of your enemies you are perfectly right .

  3. Psalmon says:

    Meanwhile some scientists are actually doing…science.

    Globalist climate stooges are going to have a harder and harder time starving the population of planet Earth.


    Imagine if we spent $20 B per year on real science, real problems, instead of a political movement.

  4. Gamecock says:

    ‘providing the masses with justice and equality’

    The Extreme Left couldn’t care less about ‘justice’ and ‘equality.’ They speak of them because YOU care. They use your beliefs against you.

  5. arn says:

    Her professor would be nowadays called a climate scientists.

    btw-in theory,communism works the best as it reduces/turns everything in calculable units where everything is supposed to do what the queen of the beehive says to her peasants
    and they follow like tools
    in practice such a system does not work(just as AGW)
    as those people who created the system did not work in any kind of real life job (and for sure no physical work at all)
    After they found out that their system did not work the communists created the Frankfurt School which claimed that Marx and his failed predictions were not wrong but the people who refused to follow Marx predictions must be “reeducated”.
    (just like Hansen&Mann made global warming is not wrong but the people who refuse to acceppt it).

    That’s why there is a clash of ideologies-
    those who wants 100% controle(=total tyranny) to work as promised(while they always fail
    and those ideologies that are then missused to feed the “victims” of those 100% controle ideologies as they get flooded with those people who in return try to install their failed indeology they ran away from in their new host country to destroy those nations and communise them that way.

  6. Lance says:

    Dear Leader is a drama teacher….but hey, nice socks!

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Give Justin his due …. while at West Point Grey Academy he taught mostly French and math but also drama, creative writing and law. From his book Common Ground page 119.
      I didn’t vote for him but there is no point to spreading lies about his teaching history.

  7. Good catch. Now that a healthy competition has developed among people claiming to be Mr Brexit in the flight from Econazi Germanism, I searched “Anschluss” in the Google News archives. This turned up plans for a Germanic European Union back in 1934, the real thing welcomed in Austria, a Vichy French appeal to not be left out of this Anschlussing and… woops… Austria’s, er… Brexit announcement of May 14, 1945. Le plus ça change…

    • rah says:

      The idea of a European Union came about because of the results of “The World Monetary and Economic Conference” (1933). As bad as the great depression was in the US it was far worse for most of Europe and European leaders lead by GB and France, fearing that Communism would take hold in the tough economic times wanted some relief and they wanted the US to provide it by unilaterally lifting all tariffs and forgiving their debt to the US. Already the gold standard was going out and they sought to make the dollar the official replacement standard and thus gain over all control over it’s value. FDR refused to do either and that is when the idea of a European Union was born. Nothing came of it since FDR would not even discuss the major proposals the Europeans were making. One should also remember that at that time most of the countries in Europe were still Monarchies.

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