All-Time Record Cold At Dixon, Illinois?

The forecast maximum temperature at Dixon, Illinois for Wednesday is -18F.

Dixon, IL 10-Day Weather Forecast – The Weather Channel |

If the forecast is accurate, that would be the coldest afternoon on record at Dixon since 1895. The previous record of -14 F was set on Christmas Day, 1983 and January 19, 1994.

The two previous records were aided by volcanic dust blocking sunlight from the eruptions of El Chichón in 1982 and Mt. Pinatubo in 1991.  After those eruptions, temperatures spiked in the stratosphere, and cooled in the troposphere.  Note that all five of the previous coldest days were set during the last 35 years.

RSS / MSU and AMSU Data / Time Series Trend Browser

So where is all this cold Arctic air coming from?  Climate experts say Arctic winters are super hot and melting with crazy temperature rises. 

The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends – The Washington Post

In the real world outside the ivory towers of academia, journalism and politics, the Arctic is very cold, and the cold air is spilling to lower latitudes.

Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut

Climate Reanalyzer

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13 Responses to All-Time Record Cold At Dixon, Illinois?

  1. Gator says:

    Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home.

  2. Robertv says:

    The Green New Deal Is Insane

    Alex Epstein of the Center for Industrial Progress

  3. DM says:

    Grammatical correction needed: Insert MINUS before 18F.

    Then, delete this comment.

  4. Brian D says:

    Record lows this morning in N MN.

  5. DM says:

    Tony, Watts Up With That, Roy Spencer, Judith Curry, Roger Pielke, Roy Spencer and other climate realists have forced climate Goths to surrender the anthropogenic climate change slogan and strategy!!:-) See:

    Key points / concessions to realists:
    “Leading climate scientists and meteorologists are banking on a new strategy … avoiding the phrase ‘climate change’…”
    “Is it human or is it not? We really need to get beyond that.”
    “… focus instead on what is happening and how unusual it is–and what it is costing local communities.”
    “The new language taking root is meant to instill a sense of urgency …”

    Climate Goths are now urged to “sell the sizzle, shiver, drought, flood … ” rather than the science.

    Congratulations, climate realists. You have won another major battle against climate Goths.

    • rah says:

      Well, they may give up the language but they won’t give up the grants.

    • Mr GrimNasty says:

      I think you are confusing ‘winning’ with another change of direction from the climate change propaganda steering committee. They do this periodically to coordinate the message and prevent it becoming stale.

      Global warming – climate change – extreme weather – air pollution……..

      • DM says:

        No confusion on this matter.

        Climate realists won a major battle. They should relish and learn from the accomplishment, even while the war continues.

        Furthermore, realists may be getting better at refuting climate Goths. The “pending ice age” scare spanned 20-25 years. Global warming lasted 12-15 years. The climate change slogan / strategy had a shorter run, even though its nebulous, nature and repeated shape shifting (climate change / catastrophic climate change / anthropogenic … ) complicated refuting it. Realists also had to overcome MSM and Ivory Tower efforts to gag and to destroy realists.

        Realists should learn and gain confidence from experience. Both are essential to continue the fight against climate Goths.

        Let me close by thanking Tony, Watts, Curry, Pielke, Spencer and others for leading the charge in recent years.

    • JCalvertN(UK) says:

      That article was a load of ‘bullock’s’.
      Having realised that the “Climate Change” badge was not selling well, they’ve decided to give it a new badge and a bit of a makeover – with the same crappy product underneath.

  6. Brian D says:

    Looks like some marine air will be moving into the pole region this week, bumping up the 80N avg temp a bit, and some warmer air in the western areas briefly, as shown in this model animation. A far cry from “hot”. What a joke these folks are. Need to set up a camp there, and call it “Camp Reality”. Lets see how long they last in the “hot Arctic”.

  7. rah says:

    We may break some daily records here in Indiana but it looks like the all time record low of -36 F recorded in New Whiteland in 1/19/94 is safe this time around.

  8. Psalmon says:

    Happy to be in part of that globe that is red and 30C. Whew!

  9. rah says:

    Ah well. Such a surprise ( NOT). I leave the terminal at 16:00 today I depart to drive up to eastern Iowa near Clinton. There I take a break in a truck stop. Tomorrow I have stops in Clinton, and two others in NW Illinois and then I come back to the terminal. That is if the weather doesn’t get me. Low tomorrow for Clinton is -26 F. Low tomorrow night here -13 F. When I get back I’ll fuel and leave the truck idling with the flashers on when I park it.

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