Coldest Day On Record At Aurora, Illinois?

Wednesday’s forecast maximum of -13F at Aurora, Illinois would be the coldest afternoon on record there.

Aurora, IL 10-Day Forecast | Weather Underground

Aurora has had forty-three days since 1895 which didn’t make it above 0F, and four days which never made it above -10F.  The coldest afternoon on record was -12F on Christmas Eve 1983.

According to Ventusky, Aurora will only make it up to -20F on Wednesday.

Ventusky – Wind, Rain and Temperature Maps

Climate experts want to save the people of Aurora, Illinois from imaginary overheating in 100 years, by cutting off their fuel supply and freezing them to death now.

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26 Responses to Coldest Day On Record At Aurora, Illinois?

  1. Frank K. says:

    Wow – according to, the high on Jan 30 in Aurora, Illinois will be -14F and the low -25F. Yikes that’s cold!!

    • Robertv says:

      Ask if Cortez can come over some days to work on her green death deal. She should bring Bernie Sanders as well.
      Let them play outside.

      • feathers says:

        -14F for the high in downtown Chicago according to Just imagine what the temps would be if we let the Alarmists pump their artificial volcanic dust in the upper atmosphere to reflect solar radiation! That’s leftism for you.

  2. billtoo says:

    nothing makes people care less about CO2 emissions than having their propane central heating systems fail as the mercury heads to -44F.

    • rah says:

      Yep. Too cold and propane won’t gas. During really cold conditions when I was in SF I carried an MSR (Mountain Safety Research) stove using white gas. All other times I carried a simple propane stove because it was smaller, lighter, and quicker to set up and get going. No matter what the temp the MSR was the superior stove as far as putting out the BTUs. Still have both stoves.

  3. czechlist says:

    I recall Christmas Eve 1983.
    I traveled a hundred miles with a newborn in a 1978 auto at zero degree temp.
    Plastic parts were breaking and some pneumatic hoses froze and failed. I was desperate to get the child to a warm home and made stupid decisions. Turned out OK, but it was foolish.
    And, we had plenty of company – no shortage of stupids on the road that evening.

  4. The latest 2019 Jan 26 18z GFS forecast for Chicago O’hare Airport (KORD) is for a low of -30F on Wed Jan 30, which would be an all-time record low for Chicago if correct. Could be interesting to watch over the next few days. You can see the latest direct model output for KORD temperature here (updated every 6 hours):

  5. AndyDC says:

    Of course, the LSM spin masters will blame the extreme cold on the super duper overheated Arctic and Trump’s stubborn refusal to embrace world communism.

  6. Mr Sir says:

    Care to also explain the record highs being broken in several parts of Australia over the last month?

    • tonyheller says:

      If you actually read this blog you would know that January, 1896 was much hotter. But that would be too much to ask.

    • arn says:

      Most of nowadays “record” highs are results of adjusted data,ignored data and rewritten past to fit the storyline.

      The reality is more:=We had many billions of days on this planet with co2 at 500ppm+++++ levels and every single of this days failed to start the greenhouse runaway effect.
      So the chances that 400ppm will start this effect are about 1: if we are very very AGW optimistic.

      Reality is:Co2 concentration follows warming and not the other way around.Co2 is just the little dog following its master and has no influence on what the master will do.
      Considering how huge the system is and how small co2 one may get a clue why co2 fails so hard to fullfill the prophecies of the co2 doomcult
      and why the only hockeystick that really exists in climate science is the hockeystick of adjusted data(though the opposite should be the logical case:The more avanced and precize the machines get ,the lower the ratio of adjusted data should be)

    • Gator says:

      Little Man face plants again. LOL

    • Superchunk says:

      I can explain it. The earth always has some areas that are colder and some that are warmer and warmer areas are more conducive to life. They change and alternate over time. They have been doing so since the beginning of the earth. Nothing unusual and even if it was unusual it’s nothing justifying more state control and wealth redistribution.

  7. Psalmon says:

    I lived in Elk Grove Village in 1994 and remember the -11 F. That night TWC was showing -25F and a windchill of -75F. Our company had a shuttle set up to our cars. I did not wait for the shuttle and almost froze walking 200 or so yards to my car. My car felt like it would fly apart when I tried to start it. We had ice on the INSIDE glass of our sliding glass door around the edges at home. I moved out of Chicagoland in 1995 and never went back except for work.

    • R Shearer says:

      I did some work in Ft. McMurray a while ago. First, Hertz couldn’t start the 4WD they promised me, but when I got to the Holiday Inn, I opened the curtains to look out the window and there was at least a half inch of ice all around the edges, tapering off toward the center. At -40 it doesn’t matter whether the temp is in C or F. It’s cold.

  8. Psalmon says:

    In Nov 2012 Nat Geographic published a story about how the Great Lakes were warming, winter ice cover was decreasing and Climate Change threatened to lower the Lakes water lever substantially.

    Since then the Great Lakes, mainly Superior, have reached record levels despite controlled releases to dump water. Ice cover reached its second highest level ever recorded in the modern record with three years above average and 3 years below average. Lake temperatures have been average to below average in Summer.

    Meanwhile the scientists quoted in this story have gone on to prosperous careers as experts.

    This arctic blast will drive another year of average to above average ice. Coverage has recently doubled, and the next couple weeks should grow significant amounts of ice.

  9. rah says:

    Not much ice on the lakes right now but that is about to change pretty quickly I think.

  10. rah says:

    Yep the Great Lakes are just another canary in the climate coal mine that never reached a tipping point.

    • Psalmon says:

      The arrogant thing on display is the Alarmists tried to claim a warming trend out of the Great Lakes in the first place…which is complete junk science.

      The Great Lakes are dimictic, meaning they turnover (at 4 deg C water temp) twice per year. So there is no trapped heat. A freeze over makes this certain. The Lakes almost completely froze in 2014 and 2015. 2018 was mostly frozen.

      So there cannot be a long term heating trend. At some point Arctic air wipes out any residual heat and extensive ice cover then dominates the year after cycle because spring water temps don’t rise quickly.

      Big ice years and colder water temps lead to less Fall evaporation…so big ice years tend to increase Lake levels in following years. This in part led to the Lakes refilling in 2014 and 2015. Like a drought where the rains will fall, here the cold will return.

  11. James Anderson says:

    Current conditions at
    Ely, Ely Municipal Airport (KELO)
    Lat: 47.82°NLon: 91.83°WElev: 1457ft.

    Fair and Windy



    Humidity 65%
    Wind Speed W 26 G 33 mph
    Barometer 30.03 in
    Dewpoint -45°F (-43°C)
    Visibility 10.00 mi
    Wind Chill -75°F (-59°C)
    Last update 27 Jan 4:15 am CST
    More Information:

    Local Forecast Office
    More Local Wx
    3 Day History
    Mobile Weather

  12. Paul Rybak says:

    I don’t remember the year but in the ’80s, Morris, IL hit -28.

  13. Frank K. says:

    One major aspect of this cold air event is the wind chill. For example, the current forecast for Aurora, Illinois is min/max temperatures of -27F/-15F. But the wind chills will be dropping towards -60F!! This is extremely dangerous and I hope the media are warning people to be prepared.

  14. Psalmon says:

    This site has Aurora -26C as the high on Wed.

  15. Gator says:

    Check out Galena Illinois. The forecast for Wednesday is -31F, which is 4 degrees colder than their all time record. Galena is a unique city in Illinois, incredible architecture and history, along with a ski resort. It resides in the curious driftless area.

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