Extreme Drought In Los Alamos

Los Alamos, New Mexico has received five feet of snow in the past week, and eight feet of snow this winter, and is listed as having an “extreme drought” by the US drought monitor.

New Mexico

Snow Report – Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

I took these pictures before the last two feet of snow fell.

There is no data logged for December yet, but even without the December data precipitation in Los Alamos was just about normal for June-December.  After the December data is logged, precipitation will be well above average.

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6 Responses to Extreme Drought In Los Alamos

  1. Cam says:

    I’m wondering if some areas aren’t reporting because of the shutdown. I see that the state area with no drought increased from 25.6% to 38% so that’s a positive.

  2. feathers says:

    “local conditions may vary” yeah, I’d say!

  3. Steven Fraser says:

    Here’s Texas. Such Suffering! /s

    The image is a cherry-pick, in that it is just about ‘Drought’. It gives you no details about the areas which are ‘not Drought’. It does not show that across the state 87 of the 121 reservoirs are at or above 100% of ‘conservation storage’ level – full.

    What is the ‘conservation capacity’? Its the planned ‘full line’ for the reservoir, but does not include the safety capacity before overflow. In times of persistent rain, reservoirs do exceed their conservation capacity, which is the case for many of them now in Texas.

    For example, Lake Worth is now .23 feet above conservation capacity, which is 791 acre-feet of extra water. System-wide, conservation storage is 28,322,851 acre feet, and the reservoirs are holding 2,891,452 acre-feet above the conservation storage level.

    Interestingly, some of the reservoirs are ‘shared’ with other states, and report amounts which are the ‘Texas share’.

    If this is the sort of thing you like to research, check out this site:


  4. arn says:

    That must be some very dry global warming snow then :)

  5. Psalmon says:

    More on the way for that Extreme Drought

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