New Video : Coldest Day On Record

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6 Responses to New Video : Coldest Day On Record

  1. DCA says:

    Dang, it’s cold! Al Gore must have a speaking engagement somewhere nearby.

  2. Gerald Machnee says:

    We are fighting global warming in Canada as well. Obama is coming to Winnipeg on March 4. Maybe we can have the Gore Effect as well.

  3. arn says:

    “Only a moron would not understand global warming is causing huge temperature swings”

    Must be the same moron(s) who said that snow will be a thing of the past now as a no-more-snow scenario requires the absense of huge temperature downswings by default.
    Another problem with the moron tweet is that during the era of warming
    plants,dinosaurs and other reptiles & animals who can not survive cold weather used to live in regions that are very cold these days.
    It seems that climate was far more balanced during the warmer periods than it is now.

    Pocans tweet proofs nothing(except his ignorance) ,is contradicted by his AGW comrades
    and the scientists of the 70ies who used this explanation to justify the ice age scenario.
    The only thing his tweet is good for is to ridicule&scare people
    so that they follow the AGW.

  4. Jeffk says:

    Everybody knows icecube trays evaporate when the freezer isn’t used — where did the ice go, did it melt?
    No, it evaporates because humidity is lower as the air gets colder.
    Climate quacks know Antarctica is colder and like a desert compared to the North Pole. But they lie to the public and say the Arctic is “melting” when the air is sub-freezing up there — even the seawater is below freezing — because they want us to believe it’s “warming”. If you believe that, then you’ll believe in the whole hoax, too.

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