New Video : Science Vs. Appeal To Authority

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6 Responses to New Video : Science Vs. Appeal To Authority

  1. Johansen says:

    Great analogy with the audio feedback loop.
    I’m not sure how you would have an every-increasing feedback signal with CO2, since at 5% humidity it’s virtually saturated with respect to LW radiation

  2. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    If Potholer debates you, I’m sure people’s opinion of him will go way up.
    And good for him!

    Of course, I’m also sure their opinion of his scientific logic will go way down…

  3. GW Smith says:

    Great video, Tony! So often with the left the issue is not want their evidence says so much as what reason says, as you have so clearly stated. So many people are simply ignorant of what logic even means, and they’re mostly on the left, which is why we’re in so many needless mud holes today. Keep it up!

  4. JCalvertN(UK) says:

    My preferred hypothesis about the ending of the glaciations is that the CO2 concentrations became so low that photosynthesis became severely inhibited and plant cover became severely depleted. The result was a huge increase amount of dust in the atmosphere. This can be clearly seen in the Vostok ice cores. The dust coated the ice, causing it to melt, and also increasing its albedo.

    The other thing to note about the glaciations, is that they develop very slowly and haphazardly. The graph wanders down then up a bit then down again etc. However, when the glaciations end, they do so quite sharply.

  5. Jimmy N says:

    TONY — why don’t you make a video debunking the Shakun paper?

    Piers Corbyn on Shakun et al.:

    “This paper “Global Warming preceded by increasing CO2…” in Nature magazine and propagated by the BBC achieves this aim by:

    1. Dishonest and absurd selection and lumping together of data for different hemispheres which behave differently using the natural delays in the North to HIDE the rises in the South which preceded and drove CO2 out of the sea.

    2. Delusional interpretation of their own concocted data to brazenly argue absurdity.

    “The publication of this paper is a monument to the corrupt, secret, unaccountable ‘peer-review’ process which dominates modern science and if Nature magazine has a shred of support for evidence–based science they would withdraw it forthwith. The paper is Dangerous because it is being used by the CO2 sect and its adherents in governments as a religious tome to justify CO2 tax robbery and the holding back of world development”

    Shakun The Last, I Hope

    Did Shakun et al. really prove that CO2 preceded late glacial warming? [Part 1]

    A reply to Shakun et al – Dr. Munchausen Explains Science By Proxy

    More fatal flaws in the Shakun et al. Nature paper claiming that CO2 preceded late glacial warming [Part 2]

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