Record Cold And Snow At Los Alamos, New Mexico

The forecast for Los Alamos is eight continuous days below freezing from December 27 to January 3.

Los Alamos, NM Calendar | Weather Underground

That ties their record, previously set in 1925, 1930, 1966, 1982, and 1987.

The maximum temperature of 21F on January 1 was tied for fifth coldest, with the coldest January 1 occurring in 2011.

When I left Los Alamos on Sunday, there was a foot of snow on the ground.

The ski hill at Los Alamos got another three feet of snow yesterday, bringing their total to nearly five feet for the week.

The ski area is closed, because the roads are impassable.

Snow Report – Pajarito Mountain Ski Area

It looks like they got a couple of feet in town yesterday.

The ski hill has been closed the last two days, because people can’t get there.

County, lab, others closed Wednesday for storm dig out |

Based on radar – Mount Taylor, west of Albuquerque, may have gotten more than eight feet of snow this week. Climate experts say global warming has devastated the southwest, and cold and snow are things of the past.

New Mexico senator Tom Udall recently gave a speech about this on the Senate floor.

Udall  is neither a New Mexico native nor a scientist. I am both, and have been working to minimize global warming superstition in New Mexico. This is an editorial I wrote in the Santa Fe newspaper five years ago.

Reader View: Drought is normal for New Mexico – The Santa Fe New Mexican

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12 Responses to Record Cold And Snow At Los Alamos, New Mexico

  1. Gamecock says:

    A Laurentide Ice Sheet is consistent with Global Warming.

    It’s not how you play the game, it’s how you set up the rules.

  2. rah says:

    Ha! In January of 1978 Indiana saw the worst blizzard on record. I have not seen so much snow on the ground in this state since then. The lowest barometric pressure ever recorded in Indiana came with that blizzard and no one has ever seen it lower since then. February of 1978 was the coldest on record for Indiana (and several other states). We have not had a colder February since then.

    Must be climate change.

  3. Norilsk says:

    Records are there to be broken and broken they will be.

  4. Norilsk says:

    In the military they call it a SNAFU–Situation Normal All F****D Up.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    Speaking of cold.
    I claim the world’s record for starting an Alfa Romeo in cold weather.
    A 1964 Giulia Spider, with Weber carbs.
    In Winnipeg in January 1966.
    Car parked outside and “plugged in” with a heater in the lower rad hose and a battery warmer.
    It was a short walk to work but when the weather report said “49 below”, I just had to start it.
    Later I checked the archive and it was that cold.
    With no wind chill BS.

    • DCA says:

      Oooh, a contest!
      Well, I will claim the world record for starting a 1978 Mazda GLC when the temp was -30F on top of Snowshoe mountain in the winter of 1981. The ski area closed, it was so cold. Also, I used no heater/lightbulb/battery warmer/anything. The chief advantage: the woefully underpowered 1.27 liter engine came with a manual choke, which I had gotten pretty good at using.
      After it warmed up, I jumped everyone else’s vehicle, including for those who had brought their batteries inside the night before.
      As a side note, my (future) father-in-law shattered the vinyl driver seat on his car that morning, due to the cold.

      • rah says:

        During my first winter warfare training in SF in Feb. 1982 during the ski training phase where we stayed in barracks at Camp Ethan Allen, VT and then drove to the ski slopes at Smugglers notch, being the FNG and a PFC on a team I got the task of going to the motor pool and starting all of the vehicles the Battalion was using every two hours for several nights. Temps were always well below zero. Most of the vehicles were diesel trucks and buses. A few a with ether start the rest without.

    • Gamecock says:


  6. billtoo says:

    hopefully no-one in a recent archery life and death struggle got stranded in the passes trying to make their way back to Santa Fe.

  7. R Shearer says:

    That looks like some fine skiing down there. It’s been too cold for my liking the past couple of days in Colorado, but it’ll be warmer soon.

  8. George A. says:

    A scientist who uses one anecdotal case as evidence against a larger, well-studied trend? Doesn’t sound very reliable to me. And yea I live here and we did get about 40 inches over the course of 5 days. It was great, but a rarity. Been almost nothing but rain so far this season and I’m hoping that changes… more rain tomorrow and Monday.

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