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Stampeding The Herd Over The Cliff

More evidence the people behind the global warming big lie are attempting genocide. Alarmism and catastrophic thinking are valuable in the sense that a panicked herd can be stampeded over a cliff. NYT Opinion on Twitter: “Panic might seem counterproductive,

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Arctic Sea Ice Continues To Grow

Last year had the highest June Arctic sea ice volume since 2006, and this year is well ahead of last year. Spreadsheet     Data Most of the Arctic is covered with ice more than two meters thick. CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20190215.png (758×631) Arctic … Continue reading

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Latest Pictures

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Doubling The Hockey Stick Fraud

The latest version of NOAA’s Global Historical Climatology network (GHCN) has an even more impressive hockey stick than prior versions, showing more than 1.6C warming – with a spectacular post 1970 hockey stick. JCLI-D-18-0094.1 The post-2000 global warming pause was … Continue reading

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EPA 1983 : Ten Feet Of Sea Level Rise In The Next Few Decades

Apparently Florida is underwater. Experts say so. 01 May 1983, 1 – The Baltimore Sun at Newspapers.com They also said the climate of New York will be like Florida (which will be underwater.) 19 Oct 1983, 2 – Messenger-Inquirer at … Continue reading

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California Buried By Global Warming

LIVE Lake Tahoe Webcams | See the Weather Conditions | Squaw Alpine

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