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Evaluating Science Expertise

Pamela Anderson. Elizabeth Warren and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are climate experts, but Dr. William Happer is a “climate denialist.” William Happer | Dean of the Faculty Who needs Monty Python’s Flying Circus?  Half of the country is living it right now.

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“Experts Say”

Steve Goddard on Twitter: “By attaching the words “experts say”

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Maldives To Drown Again

Desperate conditions today in the Maldives. Live Cam Kuredu Island Resort The Maldives, which experts predicted would disappear beneath the seas last year, is going to drown again.  And the picture below proves it. Rising sea levels could make thousands … Continue reading

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Green Energy

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A Profession Without Intelligence

Michael Mann, who has a PhD in geology, says 1,200 PPM would create a world without clouds. For the majority of time life has existed on Earth, atmospheric CO2 has been well above 1,200 PPM. There would be no oceans … Continue reading

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Coldest Spring Day On Record?

Meteorological spring starts in four days, and there is a good possibility that next weekend will bring the coldest springtime afternoon temperatures ever recorded in Iowa and possibly Nebraska. 10-Day Temperature Outlook for the Conterminous U.S.

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Evil Unmasked

The infiltration of our school systems and press corps has been going on for decades, and the election of Donald Trump combined with collapse of the global warming scam, has forced the people behind it out into the open. Steve … Continue reading

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