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Proof That Climate Action Works

Flagstaff joins 9,000 other cities to join global climate change coalition | News | azdailysun.com Two weeks ago, Flagstaff, Arizona joined the fight against global warming. They were immediately rewarded with the largest one day snowfall on record, and rescued … Continue reading

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Beverly Hillbillies

Someone left this comment on the blog earlier today : The author states but doesn’t prove that “The reality is that there is no legitimate evidence extreme weather is increasing or sea level rise is accelerating.” His graph (% day … Continue reading

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Interesting Prescott Snow History

Toto went hiking in Prescott, Arizona with an old friend last November. This is what her place looked like yesterday, after 28 inches of snow. That was nowhere near the record of 60 inches set in 1967. 20 Dec 1967, … Continue reading

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