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Snowiest Day On Record In Flagstaff

I was a studying computer science at Northern Arizona University thirty years ago, when  CO2 just passed 350 PPM.  It snowed a lot then, and it snows a lot now. Nothing has changed. State of Emergency in Flagstaff after snowiest … Continue reading

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Collapse Of The Arctic Sea Ice Scam Continues

I’ve been warning climate alarmists about this for a year. Their Arctic sea ice melting scam is dead. Ocean and Ice Services | Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20190221.png (758×631)

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The Five Top Arguments Against Climate Alarmism

Scott Adams asked me to put together the five best arguments against climate alarmism. This involves a huge amount of information, and fortunately Scott gave me more than six minutes to do it. I have been summarizing the arguments in … Continue reading

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The Malicious Intent Behind Climate Alarmism

The most important argument against climate alarmism centers around the proposed solutions. “Solar is only during the day, solar only works best in places where it’s warm. There’s no battery technology that’s even close to allowing us to take all … Continue reading

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Hiding The Decline In Extreme Weather

Thirty years ago, the UN said we only had until the year 2000 to save ourselves from global warming. Mercury News: Search Results But after decades of fear mongering about global warming, five years ago the global warming pause forced … Continue reading

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So What Would Global Cooling Look Like?

It is snowing in Malibu, Las Vegas and just outside Phoenix – and climate alarmists are predictably blaming the cold on global warming.  That implies global cooling would be characterized by heat.

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The December 1967 Arizona Snowstorm

Arizona is having an epic snowstorm today which is breaking one day snowfall records, but the December 1967 storm lasted for seven days and brought 83 inches of snow to Flagstaff. 20 Dec 1967, Page 1 – Arizona Republic at … Continue reading

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