New Video : The Green New Deal

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  1. WxProf says:

    Thank you for the extremely valuable information you are providing on your page. I know it takes a lot of time and energy to do so but your reach is expanding. A few short months ago I was introduced to your “is the global temperature record credible?” Video through a colleague I know through the American Meteorological Society local chapter. As a meteorologist and college professor I was shocked by what i saw in that presentation. That video led me to pursue some independent research to verify some of the claims presented there (including contacting a NASA climatologist and an international meteorological agency about ice data). Both confirmed the information. Additional research of historical ice melt in the early 20th century further confirmed the presented info. I was always on the skeptical side because in my career as a weather forecaster I have had discussions with my colleagues who are also professional meteorologists and climatologists and the majority of them are on the skeptical side. That says something right there when those who look at weather data for a living express this “unpopular” opinion. But never did I imagine the forgery and fraud that was exposed in that segment. It is like a predictable circus of the deranged seeing all these propaganda pieces and articles coming out on a daily basis with thousands of shares and lacking basic meteorological understanding and a historical context.

    Keep fighting the good fight. I pray that the Truth will become known and Climate Realism will replace Climate Alarmism and a true enlightenment will be seen.

    G-d bless you

    • Davide says:

      I agree: thank you so much for this important information source.
      I post a few comments, but I always read and I use these informations to try making other people less ignorant.

    • Cynthia says:

      I discovered the data changes myself in 2016 when I was attempting to update from 2011.
      I spent a few months trying to figure out what had happened, and deeply doubting my own abilities. I think they call that being gaslighted.

      • arn says:

        They did it recently with Jussie Smollet who got attacked at night by Maga supporting white supremacists
        right in time to make PR for Kamela Harris’ lynching bill.

        After it turned out everything was staged and the attackers were in fact from Nigeria Media lost all interesst and obsession with being offended.
        Similar thing happened to global cooling of the 70ies.

  2. Psalmon says:

    Great Video…today’s world is if anything too stable and safe allowing charlatans opportunity to exploit the weak minded.

  3. rah says:

    Great video Tony. You just did a lot of persuading for those with minds open enough to even watch. Are you paying attention Mr. Adams? I would like to see the alarmists challenged to refute a single fact you presented.

    BTW during those tremendous heat waves of the mid 30’s most people had no place to get relief other than the local swimming hole or perhaps, if they were lucky, the local theater which would be about the only place that had A/C back then. It was during the 30s when the afternoon movie matinee and double features became very popular. I wonder why?

  4. Matthew says:

    This channel has an incredible wealth of information, clearly presented, that shows just how far chicken little syndrome has penetrated our institutions. Thank you, Tony, for your tireless efforts on behalf of truth and science.

  5. arn says:

    Seems that mid 20ies-mid 30ies was the apocalyptic global warming era
    climate scientist now try to talk and fake into existence with co2,farting cows diesel cars etc.
    I why the scientists did not care so much about global warming then when they had all reasons to do so.Instead they completely ‘forgot’ about that time.
    They forgot it so much that they manipulated the data to make the warming dissappear?

    PS-the green new deal is funny.
    The same guys trying to ruin the country on purpose promise millions of high paid new jobs and prosperty for all and huge investments in infrastructure(while Obama doubled the debts and ruined the infrastructure)

  6. steve case says:

    How’bout the:

    ☭reen Raw Deal

    • DM says:

      Well put.

      The hammer & sickle represent well the tyrannical nature of ardent greenies.

      “Raw” is appropriate in many ways beyond its “bad” connotation. We will be eating RAW vegetation while undressed in the RAW, if green tyrants get their way. We will be exposed to RAW weather while sitting on RAW surfaces inside tiny houses lacking heat and A/C. We will be exposed to RAW weather while walking or biking to food lines.

  7. Ari says:

    A nice uptick in YT subscribers- close to 3000 in the last month!
    Things are starting to move the right direction :)

  8. Gator says:

    I have in my possession an internal and informal annual company report from the Falstaff Brewing Company, dated 1937. In it are photos of the company baseball team (all women), photos of private parties, announcements, and some fine examples of humor of the day. And then there was this…

  9. DM says:

    One should expect AOC, Griff and their fellow travelers to dispute the historical evidence presented in this video.

    They might, for example, assert the 1920s and 1930s temperature data are bad because, prior to 2000, meteorologists did NOT know how to read thermometers or adjust for changes to equipment, sites, surroundings.

    Ditto data recorded from rain gauges, wind gauges and other weather instrumentation.

    In addition, they will shift attention from classic weather metrics–like droughts, tornadoes and hurricanes–to nebulous metrics like rain intensity. I never heard of “rain intensity” until reality blew up the alarmist forecast that gorebal warming would increase hurricane counts and power.

    One might also expect AOC … to claim those newspaper photos and stories were faked by the same special effects crew that faked the lunar landings:-} Or, that Tony photoshopped the pix, headlines and content.

    Because these people embrace the concept of relative truth, one should expect them create a version of history that supports their current ambitions.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I’m going to see what it takes to nominate this video for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  11. Bob Cherba says:

    Speaking of 1936 . . . I was born in Flint, Michigan, in early September, 1936. It was a summer of 100-degree-plus temperatures in lower Michigan, and I have a great deal of sympathy for my mother who endured the heat during the last three months of her pregnancy. I was conceived during the record-cold 1936 winter and I’m certain nobody predicted the record-breaking summer heat ahead.

    • tonyheller says:

      The summers of 1931, 1933 and 1934 were also extremely hot, so no one should have been surprised

    • Jason Calley says:

      Hey Bob! “I was born in Flint, Michigan, in early September, 1936. ”

      I thought you were going to say, “I remember that 1936 on the day I was born, the temperature was 98.6 degrees and in just the space of just a few minutes it dropped to about 72 degrees!”


  12. GW Smith says:

    Great video, Tony! I sent it to everyone. But, I wish you had said more about the greenhouse gas myth. This phony CO2 scam has got to end. Keep it up!

  13. Hey! What about the twin tornados that tore up Austin Texas in 1922? Were those also the result of the CO2 famine?

  14. Scott Allen says:

    One of the many issues with modern education is that US history is no longer required, I saw that first hand when my son and daughter went off to very expensive colleges. The result is many young adults can’t even name the countries involved in World War II., thus we get the, Trump is Hitler. Younger people only can associate US history as what has happened since they were born, if you don’t know history you are bound to repeat it.

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