Blatant Climate Fraud Becoming More Common In The US

Heidi Cullen’s Climate Central claims “Warm U.S. Februaries becoming much more common.”

U.S. Heat, February 2017 – World Weather Attribution

The actual data shows the exact opposite.


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14 Responses to Blatant Climate Fraud Becoming More Common In The US

  1. GW Smith says:

    They have no fear of being found out. Why?

    • arn says:

      The same reason why AOC is behaving like a bull in the china shop.
      Normally people like scientists or politicians who are new to the business are carefull and test waters to avoid a sudden carreer death.

      They behave that way because they know that there are no consequences.
      They live in a real safe zone.A clinton bubble.

  2. Paul Schuster says:

    Not clear from the above what the term “Anomaly” means. It leads reader to suspect that the data has been modified in some unknown manner.

    • Hivemind says:

      Anomaly means it’s a big, scary thing. What it really is, is the difference between the current value & some baseline. The warmists use anomaly because it scares the ignorant.

    • Gator says:

      a·nom·a·ly əˈnäməlē/ noun
      1. something that deviates from what is standard, normal, or expected.

      I guess for those that don’t get the big picture, anomalies make sense. But I started as a geology student, and ended up as a climatology student. So my perspective is a bit larger than most “climate experts”, who seem to think that the tail end of this interglacial is somehow the standard by which all climates should be compared. What I learned through my education is that there is no “normal” in climate or weather, and IMHO, claims that there is a “normal” climate is simply ignorance.

  3. rah says:

    Anomaly in this case means deviation from the mean.

  4. Psalmon says:

    I saw Michael Mann on the Weather Channel last night talking about how all these fires are the direct cause of climate change and how it is only going to get worse and it’s unprecedented/worst ever.

    Then they cut to…Winter Storm Tyler and how Ice on the Great Lakes was twice normal. It is like watching 1984.

  5. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    That’s really weird. February must’ve been a very hot sort of very cold.

    Forbes: Climate Change to Blame for Cold February Jobs Slowdown (9 Mar)

    Oh well, we already know climate change can do everything, including causing the hottest evah very cold February.

  6. Stephen Reiss says:

    Warmiac: A person who is convinced that human activity is primarily responsible for causing the earth to experience a significant increase in temperature.
    Sustainiac: A person who is of the belief that the most important factor in all human productivity is that it be done in a “sustainable” manner; that we will never run out of the resources used in productive processes.
    Greeniac: A person who believes all human advancement causes irrevocable harm to the natural environment and must therefore be controlled by an enlightened elite to prevent the destruction of earth.
    Demolican: A member of either the Democratic or Republican parties. There is no fundamental difference between the parties – statist at their core, differing only in their favored constituencies.
    Libervative: A conservative or a liberal.

  7. AndyDC says:

    Trendless for 100 years. The “climate crisis” is fake news at its finest. Are we as Americans going to allow fake news to determine our future?

  8. GCSquared says:

    The climate fraudsters slather their lies with alarmism, so anyone trying to reach the core truth gets entrapped and defamed in the layer of surface emotion as an irresponsible shill, well before rational examination can ensue.

    That part is simple enough. The interesting question is how so many outlets support this program with such unity and coordination. Behind Toto’s curtain are the agencies who preferentially fund climate alarmism, the advertisers who fund the media that inflame fear and defame scepticism, and the international think tanks who promote alarmism as truth and suppress sober opinion.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The interesting question is …

      So what’s the answer?

      We know it’s not a conspiracy. The whole thing is unfolding in the open. Nature conservation used to be a conservative thing from the early days of the industrial revolution till roughly 1960s. In Europe, Asia and elsewhere, the ruling Communists destroyed and degraded huge parts of their countries in a drive to build the totalitarian new world.

      Then suddenly in the 1970s a concern for nature and the environment became a leftist “green” thing in the West. I watched with astonishment how the same Leftists who still supported China and the Soviet Union and their barbaric destruction of people and nature became “Greens” waxing poetic about the wilderness and the natives living there. It would be an understatement to say that I smelled a rat. The whole thing reeked to high heaven but it worked great for the Left. Even people who didn’t harbor any Leftist sympathies supported the Green programs because their societies were by then wealthy enough and it was time to fine tune the free market engine. From then on the concern for nature and the environment was tied in the public mind with the Left’s fight against capitalism and the watermelons were joining governments and institutions on the green bandwagon. It was a very successful implementation of Rudi Dutschke’s “long march through the institutions” as envisioned before by Antonio Gramsci.

      Then came the late 80s and the anthropogenic global warming scam was gradually incorporated into the Leftist green behemoth just as the environment was getting clean enough and the programs started losing steam. A smarter man than I could have predicted that one day CO2 would be classified a pollutant to make it an integral part of the environmental programs and use existing legislations to regulate it.

      It may not have been clear to observers in the 1970s but anyone who doesn’t see the steering hand of the international Left today is not trying to understand.

      The Green “climate change” campaign remains the Left’s best device at remaking Western societies to a totalitarian system after the insane Marxist bullshit failed everywhere it’s been tried, or was converted into a National Socialist model in countries like China. At the same time, anyone with at least a minimal knowledge of history knows that should the whole scam collapse the Left will turn on a dime and find a different vehicle.

      They always do.

      What was the complicated question, again?

      Little known fact:

      In 2018 it was revealed that Der Spiegel publisher Rudolf Augstein supported Rudi Dutschke financially so he could work on his dissertations. Augstein paid him 1,000 Marks annually from 1970 till 1973 and they exchanged letters discussing student revolts.

      • Robertv says:

        The answer is that we grow up as a western society. Just watch a political debate these days? Tell me what the difference is with a kindergarten. We really want children running a country.

        • arn says:

          We don’t want children running our country,
          (just as we don’t want open boarders,carbon taxes,religion of peace,gay&transworship)
          but we are told that we want children to run countries
          (just as we are told that we want open boarders,cwrbon taxes religion of peace,gay&transworship)

          Since the start of the hippiemovement((which was planned and no coiincidence))
          the vatican 2 council to completely water down christianity((as edcommunist Bella Dodd whistleblowed in the 50ies)
          and the club of rome with the green movement((all of a sudden in the western world green communist parties appeared out of nothing)
          this transformation is happening.

          The infantilisation of politics with idiots like Turdeau or AOC is just the next step,after the infantilisation of student with safe zones and feelings(as wanted by the frankfurt school)serves 2 purposes.
          Attract young voters and always have an excuse((they don’t sabotage are just unexperienced but always have the best intentions))

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