Desert Flowers


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  1. Tony Kelly says:

    Hi Tony,
    Do you know where the Greenland ice sheet surface page is now?
    I used to view it regularly. Its been missing for quite a while.

    Love your blog and videos.
    Best Regards
    Tony Kelly
    Dublin, Ireland.

  2. Al Shelton says:

    Excellent photos………..

  3. Matt Mo says:

    Tony, thanks for these beautiful pictures, most of them direct evidence of carbon pollution in your area. But sone things never change… great to see you in deepest winter and in nice spring weather in shorts. Cheers from Chile,

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Excellent images, Tony.

    Who needs a prohibitively expensive Green New Deal designed by communists to control the masses – and cannot possibly green the earth at all – when 410 ppm of CO2 makes the earth green for free?

  5. Robertv says:

    Latest from overheated Europe.

    Snow Stops Certain Goal For Hannover vs Leverkusen In Bundesliga

  6. arn says:

    you are the ultimate climate denier.
    +30C in the desert
    -20 C in Boulder
    always shirts and shorts :)

  7. prometheus says:

    Lovely photos!

  8. feathers says:

    Great photos Tony! If you get a chance, visit Brown’s Ranch – its my favorite of the Sonoran Preserve.

  9. Psalmon says:

    These flowers did not exist before global warming. (a true statement)

  10. GW Smith says:

    You have a clear eye and love for nature, which must completely confound the lefties. They assume you drink petroleum for breakfast.

    • spike55 says:

      They don’t seem to realise that Tony is a staunch environmentalist.

      He hates the things that destroy the environment.

      ie wind turbines, solar farms etc etc.

      And luvs the gas of life that provides sustenance for the vistas he so enjoys :-)

  11. gregole says:

    Tony, Beautiful! Hope you soaked up the sunshine while it was here…rains are coming.

  12. Laurie says:

    Thanks for sharing the splendor.

  13. Robertv says:

    ‘Up to 40,000 people packed into Amsterdam in pouring rain on Sunday for what is being described as the biggest pro-climate march ever to take place in the Netherlands.’

    That’s less than half the capacity of Nou Camp (FC Barcelona).

  14. Dennis says:

    You are a great photographer, Tony. I an envious.

  15. lance says:

    First hike north of Phoenix today, and boy it is green and full of flowers!

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