Last Day In The Desert


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  1. Gator says:

    OT – Alarmism kills, it is accessory to murder.

    “I was a communist, then an anarchist and finally a libertarian before becoming an eco-fascist.”
    -Brenton Tarrant

  2. R Shearer says:

    Too many prickers for me, but I wouldn’t mind adding a rattle to my collection.

  3. Phil. says:

    The ‘welcoming committee’ being a good reason not to go hiking there in shorts!

    • rah says:

      The way Tony was plodding along a rattler would have had plenty of time to warn him off. That’s the nice thing about rattlesnakes, or at least the larger ones. Pygmy rattlers like one comes across in Florida are a different matter.

      • R Shearer says:

        I recall my uncle getting bitten by one hiding out in a coil of garden hose. Fortunately, their venom is not usually lethal but is very painful and the bite requires immediate medical attention.

  4. rah says:

    I noticed your flat footed walk. No springing, but more of a deliberate easy plod. Thus relying more on the large muscles in the thigh to do the work of climbing than the smaller muscles of the calf. I takes much longer to for lactic acid to build up to a critical point in those large muscles. That and controlled breathing are marks of a person that has spent some time walking in rough terrain and understands the keys to endurance when traversing such terrain. Besides, playing twinkle toes in rattlesnake country is asking for it. Noticed the pooches weren’t with you.

    • tonyheller says:

      Thanks, but I was mostly just being very careful to avoid stepping on the flowers!

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The first thing I noticed were your deliberate and careful steps, choosing stones and flat spots with minimal vegetation. I think even a seasoned native tracker would have trouble retracing your path, unless he visited this website or hacked your drone.

      • tonyheller says:

        I’ve been hiking in that area for six months and have never seen another person. I am being very careful not to leave any evidence of a trail, because I want to keep it from getting destroyed by people who are less careful.

  5. Bob Hoye says:

    The drone provides a good image.
    Is someone else running it?
    Or is it programmed to follow you?
    Sunny day in Vancouver and the warmth is coming back!

  6. GW Smith says:

    How do you walk through that prickly country with shorts on? VERY CAREFULLY!

  7. gregole says:

    Nice shots and great video! Beautiful here is Arizona now. No climate devastation to be seen. Going to work on the garden and have a bar-be-que. Prolly drink some beer. That’s just how we roll here in the “world’s least sustainable city” and capitol city in America’s fastest growing county.

    • rah says:

      The first Robin showed up in my yard here in Indiana this morning. Then the snow came followed by rain. Trees not even close to budding yet.

  8. Lasse says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    A relatives wish was to see the flowering of the desert.
    Now I understand why.

  9. Larry Geiger says:

    I don’t see Toto there. Glad he avoided the coiled nightmare.

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