Protecting Palo Alto From Non-Existent Sea Level Rise

Experts say the Palo Alto, CA Baylands will drown in the next 30 years.

With rising tides threatening to submerge the Palo Alto Baylands by mid-century, city officials agreed on Monday that they need to explore new barriers — both physical and legislative — to protect coastal area from sea level rise.

Palo Alto prepares for sea level rise | News | Palo Alto Online |

That sounds awful. Twenty years ago I lived and worked adjacent to the Palo Alto Baylands, and went running in Baylands Park every day.

One minor problem with the experts claim though, is that it has no basis in science or reality. Had these experts done any actual research, they would have known that sea level in the San Francisco Bay is almost exactly the same as it was in 1940.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

Science is the belief in the ignorance of the experts

– Richard Feynman

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