The Evil Marches On

Communists doing what they always do, seizing power by turning children against their parents.

Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields

the Khmer Rouge  …. encouraged children to find fault with their own parents and spy on them. They openly showed their intention to destroy the family structure that once held love, faith, comfort, happiness, and companionship. They took young children from their homes to live in a commune so that they could indoctrinate them.

Children of Cambodia’s Killing Fields

Adults won’t take climate change seriously. So we, the youth, are forced to strike. – Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

What are the odds they post my comment?

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31 Responses to The Evil Marches On

  1. LexingtonGreen says:


  2. Louis Hooffstetter says:

    I just left this similar comment:

    You call yourself scientists?! You’re not teaching children how to think, you’re teaching them what to think. The Communists used similar indoctrination to get children to spy on their parents. This is child abuse.

    It’s awaiting ‘moderation’.
    I’m not holding my breath…

    • Johansen says:

      “You’re not teaching children how to think, you’re teaching them what to think.”
      Parents that have other options have already left public schools a long time ago – for private, homeschool, and Charter schools.
      If you visit a public high school today, it’s waaay different than 25 years ago. It’s about the *last* place you would stick your kid

    • Louis Hooffstetter says:

      12 hrs later…
      Comment (still) awaiting moderation.

      • Louis Hooffstetter says:

        16 hrs later…
        Comment boreholed (shitcanned), just like reasonable comments at ‘Real Science’.

        Scientists my ass.

    • spike55 says:

      Mine just disappeared into the aether

      All I did was point out that the communications systems use a substantial amount of power, and that a good step would be for all these little children to hand in their iPhones, and do their “strikes” on the weekend.

      Show us that you mean it , kiddies. !!

  3. Scarface says:

    I would say the same as the % of CO2 in the air.
    Which is quite high, so I’ve heard.

  4. Squidly says:

    Percentage chance your comment will get posted … ZERO

  5. arn says:

    Before the Khmer it was chinese communist children who were told by Maoists to report their parents for not being communist enough.

    Before Pol Pott created the killing fields,
    he+compatriots lived and studied in France.
    He openly talked about their plans and what they will do-
    and the french intellectuals cheered and applauded.

    Nowadays in Canada the state can take your child away if you do not acceppt
    the idoctrination of your child as they call the disapproval of a kids gender choice child abuse((while at the same time going full abortion and pedophilia))

    a similar coordinated climate-jugend bullshit is happening now in germany where top politicians are calling for lowering voting age to 16,after some children,
    organised by old farts,protest climate change.

  6. Ann Banisher says:

    It is a lot easier to convince children since they have no past experience.
    The saying goes something like ” if you can convince someone that there is a grave danger, you can convince him to commit any atrocity to avert it”

  7. Steelman says:

    Knowing the evil, I’ll say about 1975000 to one.
    Corrupt education systen, also corrupt MSM. How short is the collective memory, to not detect these tactics for what they are?
    All this bullshit going on these days, is amazing. Mueller, seems to find nothing, so the dems launch new investigations, to keep their fraud going. They know, in collution with MSM, that Mueller probe, promised to impeach Trump. The MSM and usual suspects on the left, can’t handle; no collusion. It’s hard to believe that normal people don’t see through the scam.

  8. Jasper says:

    Tony, thanks for trying.

    At least my kids are not planning on attending the strike but I’m sure they will be getting plenty of pressure from the plebs that do.

  9. Ron Clutz says:

    Jordan Peterson took a deep look into manifestations of evil in his book Maps of Meaning. My synopsis is Cosmic Evil: Peterson’s Pearls (4)
    “Evil is rejection of and sworn opposition to the process of creative exploration. Evil is proud repudiation of the unknown, and willful failure to understand, transcend and transform the social world. Evil is, in addition—and in consequence—hatred of the virtuous and courageous, precisely on account of their virtue and courage. Evil is the desire to disseminate darkness, for the love of darkness, where there could be light. The spirit of evil underlies all actions that speed along the decrepitude of the world, that foster God’s desire to inundate and destroy everything that exists.”

  10. MGJ says:

    Children refusing to attend their indoctrination centres is no bad thing. But when they get older some of them may find it all rather embarrassing.

    Isn’t it illegal in most countries for adults to coerce children into playing truant? Just imagine the response if it was about any other political program – say, building the wall!

  11. Gator says:

    I wonder how much support a children’s strike against abortion would get from the MSM and PTB? Forget that CAGW has never killed anyone, and that abortions kill millions of children annually.

    Children should be seen, and not heard.

    • arn says:

      Teachers and scientists are so worried about life and children being “seperated” that they would never ever encourage them to protest against abortion.
      En Contraire-they’do everything to stop such protest and label the children Hitler-youth,
      though abortion violates all human instincts and culture and was considered and evil crime and sin-but not for progressives.
      They just need some authority to make them feel good and they’ll commit any crime and feel like heroes.

  12. Cornelius says:

    Their response (if there is one at all) will most likely be along the lines of “we expose children to all legitimate sides of scientific discussion, of which yours does not belong”. So it goes when such people control the orthodoxy. Dark days indeed.

  13. Theyouk says:

    OT, but I just noticed this dramatic ‘adjustment’ to the temp record at this station in Brazil. Anyone have any insights into the GISS’ justification for it? Looks like there might possibly have been a station move or replacement around 1970.

  14. Dr. Grabow says:

    Solzhenitzen warned us. When does the next Mayflower leave?

  15. Gamecock says:

    Kids striking? Wut? How would I know? Trains stopping? Grocery stores closed? Mail won’t run?

    They will only hurt themselves. Platitudinous. . . but true.

    • Colorado Wellington says:

      The children will not clean their rooms and do homework until mom and dad fix the climate. They will report resisting parents to the police. After the parents have been dispatched to re-education camps the children will clean their rooms again and live happily ever after.

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