Who Is Steve Pieczenik?

I posted this video the week before the 2016 election. Who is this guy?


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  1. arn says:

    Well-that guy is pretty controversial.

    Long term buddy of Kissinger,member of the CFR and always involved in politics for several different presidents in pretty high position.

    He claimed that bin laden was on the payroll of mossad and cia(as tim osman)
    and that bin laden died from Marfan Syndrome and Kidney failure already in october 2001 in dubai((which was also stated by pakistani minister bhenazir butto))
    He also offered to reveal in federal court the name of the general who revealed him that 911 was an inside job.

    And he is obviously a very well rewarded Harvard Psychatrist.

  2. Randal S.J. Williams says:

    Ever since I read Mark Lane’s “Rush To Judgment” when I was about 20, I have been impressed with the ability of some people to convince me of their conspiratory truth with facts, attitude, and intelligence. But my steel working dad taught me never to accept an argument at face value and so, after my initial admiration, I do my due diligence on the argument, and the person making it. As it turns out in this case, Mr. Peacenik’s argument is based in truth as I see it, but his associations and previous claims remind me of blind squirrels and nutz. Seems like a nice guy with mental health issues.

  3. Kent Clizbe says:

    Steve P. is a semi-whacko fantasist.

    I know him.

    He was never “a member of the Intelligence Community” as he repeats several times in that video. He was a doctor who provided some sort of service to the State Dept overseas at some time. He had other peripheral involvement in diplomatic affairs of some sort.

    He did ghost-write some Tom Clancy follow-on titles–“Tom Clancy’s Ops Center.”

    That video is typical Steve P.–seemingly hard-hitting and meaningful. But when you delve into what he’s actually saying, it’s border-line psychotic.

    No, no one in the Deep State pulled off a “counter-coup” against Obama. The CIA, the FBI and all other IC bureaucracies are deeply politicized–in favor of the PC-Progs. Normal Americans don’t have a lot of friends in the IC.

    Con man, fantasist, wannabe–that’s Steve P.

    There’s a couple others like him, with more or less connection to reality than Steve has. They pop up every now and then when some poor schmuck takes them at face value and gives them air or print time. One was an actual CIA officer–but a security officer, sort of like a cop. He makes the rounds of Tea Party and related groups, spewing Steve P.-like pronouncements.

    • John E Ford says:


      Rather dismissive your take on a guy that speaks 5 languages and served as Deputy assistant secretary of state.

      • Kent Clizbe says:


        Good interpretation. Sorry if I was not clear. Steve P. is loony wannabe has-been.

        He was a doctor. He served in some capacity in diplomatic service, and made connections with some people in power. Exactly what he did, who his connections are/were is unclear.

        He makes wildly inflated claims of experience, knowledge and affiliation.

        A Deputy Asst. Sec. State for some sort of medical issue is not a member of the Intelligence Community. Steve P. has semi-successfully built his reputation as some sort of expert on his Tom Clancy ghost-writing, and his subsequent exaggerations of his experience.

        The video linked here is a mish mash of confused claims and wild assertions. Again, there is no cabal of CIA, FBI or other officers who carried out a “counter-coup” against Obama.

        Steve P. is a fantasist.

        • Barbara J Frieseman says:

          Kent. Isn’t Dr. Pieczenik a psychological operations person and a contemporary of another psychological operations big nam: Dr. Michael Aquino? Although I am impressed with both their stated credentials, I would never trust them not to manipulate and distort the truth to suit an agenda.

    • Babe says:

      You state “I knew him.” If you truly knew him, you’d know precisely what “sort of service” he provided. You provide only “some sort of”. Meaning you truly don’t know. You offer only opinions and not much actual facts. You also don’t seem to know of his involvement in the Aldo Moro affair and the Iranian hostage event which he was involved with as a hostage negotiator/trained psychiatrist. While he may be a “con man” of some degree (as most in politics are) he’s certainly no “wannabe”.

    • Lane Sebring says:

      Your rather unfair and incomplete bio of Dr. Pieczenik makes your analysis quite suspect; competition?

  4. GCSquared says:

    Another data point, FWIW:

    Alex Jones has interviewed Pieczenick a few times. I found him interesting at first, but I came to notice that while a lot of what he said was possible/plausible, not much was falsifiable. Anyone could piece (pun intended) his stories together from other sources.

    Around the 2:30 mark in the video Steve H’s linked, SP mentions that the director of intelligence was involved in the counter-coup. If I have the dates right, the DNI at the time was James Clapper, who’s as much a swamp creature as the (giant?) alligators that lived in Colorado in the paleo days of yore when CO2 was high. While a rank-and-file rebellion within the intelligence agencies wouldn’t surprise me, I wouldn’t expect Clapper of all people to take the side of a counter-coup.

    Generally, it’s been pretty obvious for at least the previous 15 years that a number of amoral actors, foreign and domestic, were associating themselves with the Clinton Foundation in an extremely corrupt and dangerous cabal. So for me, one of the rare happy events in recent history was to see Trump defeat Hillary in the 2016 election. Unfortunately, the DNC’s brilliant strategy, of fabricating the idea that the Russians were responsible for the Wikileaks releases, not only mitigated the damage the released emails should have caused, but it has cost Trump the support of his original cabinet members, and forced him to almost completely reverse his pre-election geopolitics. It’s not hard to see this, and it wouldn’t be difficult to come up with a 30 min video fleshing out likely but unprovable scenarios of what’s gone on in Trump’s cabinet.

    That’s my impression of the sort of thing that SP does.

  5. william neal says:

    He has served under five Presidents and has many press clippings that testify to his involvement in World affairs, I think maybe you should do some homework.

  6. Daved Welsh says:

    Steve mentioned in one of his blogs recently the idea of “paradoxical intention” . Austrian psychiatrist Viktor Frankl, in one of his early books, used the same expression in relation to his idea of Logotherapy .
    As Steve apparently is also a psychiatrist, he should be familiar with Frankl’s writings. The idea in paradoxical intention as related to Logotherapy, is that if one consciously attempts to feel or do something that is an unconscious thought or habit, he can not do it. One example he gives is when a natural stutterer was asked to play a role in a play of a person who stuttered, he could not do it. Dr. Frankl was a detainee in a German prison camp in WWII.

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