The Last Time CO2 Was Below 310 PPM

What would happen if progressives were successful at destroying civilization, and CO2 eventually dropped back down below 310 PPM – like in 1923?

07 Apr 1923 – NORTH POLE MELTING. – Trove

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8 Responses to The Last Time CO2 Was Below 310 PPM

  1. Colorado Wellington says:

    Alberta voters beat the Progressives back. There is still hope for the western civilization but Progressive media will lie as they always do.

    Here is how they presented the choices. See the horrible “smoke” featured throughout the commentary:

    • Johansen says:

      And that’s not even from the stack. It’s a cooling tower. Look at the stack behind it. Geez, I need to downgrade and recalibrate again

  2. Colorado Wellington says:

    Too much sun on that plume of “smoke”. Not dark and ominous enough. Here they got a better shot:

  3. David Farrar says:

    Hi Tony/Steve,

    I am so pleased to have come across your YouTube postings, they are a breath of fresh air. I remember all of the crises you talk about. Population crisis, oil shortage crisis, global cooling crisis, acid rain crisis, and now global warming.

    Global warming, in the beginning, was particularly easy for me to believe. I came to Canada from England in 1969 and I would hear stories of the incredible heat England had at times during the nineties. What alerted me to the scam was the story of the Northern icecap melting and causing the oceans to rise. I might have been born at night, but not last night, and I knew there was no land up there. The ice is already displacing water.

    These repeated crises cost us a fortune. I can remember taking a trip to Cape Cod in the seventies when all the U.S. highways had reduced speeds to save on gas because of the oil crisis. (We didn’t do that in Canada) I wondered if a politician somewhere owned a signage company – all those speed signs to change! More recently, I believe Ontario now has the highest electricity costs in North America due to 15 years of liberal green energy programs.

    So thanks for your efforts, you are a beacon of light and I very much appreciate what you are doing.

    I would like to make a donation to your cause, but am unable to do so on your website. Is there another way to do this? It would not be a big donation but every little helps.

  4. GW Smith says:

    It’s the image, not the truth, that progressives will remember.

  5. john emery says:

    When will they figure out that CO2 has nothing to do with climate:

  6. Alan Falk says:

    The first and only time I saw a plume that thick coming from a tall chimney, it was so black and thick that it was completely opaque.

    And it was visible off one of the motorways near San Paolo. Around 1975.

  7. John Enright says:

    Back in the 1990s, I can vividly remember being assured by the climate alarmists that southern Europe would have a climate something like the Sahara Desert, forcing hundreds of millions of refugees to flee northwards, and that “England will have a Mediterranean Climate!”
    What was the response from many Brits?
    “Bring it ON!!”
    That last threat from the Disciples of the Holy Al Gore was VERY quickly dropped . . .

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