Capital Weather Gang Weighs In …

The Capital Weather Gang is shocked that April is hot in Vietnam (at latitude 10N.)

Did you sleep through geography class? 

Peak temperatures occur in April in Vietnam.

climate – Graph – Ho Chi Minh Vietnam – WeatherOnline

Vietnam was over 110 degrees in 1982, 1983, 1984 and 1996.  Their hottest temperature was 116 degrees on June 22, 1984.  On April 25, 1983, Vietnam reached 111 degrees.

The frequency of 100 degree days peaked fifty years ago in Vietnam, in 1968 and 1969 – during the Vietnam War.


Capital Weather Gang got everything wrong in this article.  Will they retract?

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6 Responses to Capital Weather Gang Weighs In …

  1. Anon says:

    And if Vietnam experienced its coldest temperature on record this month, that would also be due to Global Warming, as occurred in the Midwest of the United States this past Winter.

    When I see a headline like, I have to remind myself to wait for three days… for Anthony Watts to find something like the newly constructed taxi-way that puts the temperature station directly in line with the jet wash from 30 planes waiting to take off.

  2. MBO says:

    When I was there in 1970, temps above 100 degrees were common. With the humidity, it could get kinda hot and miserable for a foreigner.

  3. dp says:

    I guess I wonder what would keep Vietnam and other coastal regions at that latitude from reaching 110º this time of year. Polar vortex?

  4. critical thinking? says:

    There is also the slight problem that the Ha Tinh weather station (the closest official weather station to Huong Khe) did not record any temperature near 110F (43C) on the day in question.

    There were two readings of 40 F.

  5. Mark Luhman says:

    What is so odd that it a bit hot in Vietnam this time of the year. One hundred plus should not be a surprise. Over a hundred in Fargo North Dakota in April yes that a surprise and yes it happen in 1980, I missed it I was in Atlanta at the time, it was only in the eighties there.

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