Fox News Censoring Free Speech

No intelligent questions allowed on this network …. or any other for that matter.

Notre Dame plot: Woman charged in failed terror attack – CNN

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8 Responses to Fox News Censoring Free Speech

  1. rah says:

    This! After TWO YEARS of factless conjecture and wild story telling and insults without a single thread of evidence on Trump-Russia collusion? Up yours Neal Cavuto and Shep Smith!

  2. Caleb Shaw says:

    They think they can’t “leap to conclusions?” Then why was Trump “guilty until proven innocent?”

    I’m sorry, but Islamic and/or Socialist dislike of Christianity was the first thing that jumped to my mind. Also the earlier desecration of Christian sites in France was news to me. Why has it not been reported?

    I think there is a genuine fear of a backlash towards both Islam and Socialists. What is not talked much about is that the truly non-violent and truly tolerant people are the ones they are silencing. And, if you silence these voices of reason, it will be more likely, not less likely, that some group like the “Yellow Shirts” will escalate outrage into the horrors of a Civil War.

    A healthy two-party system allows both the forces of tradition and the forces of reform to have Freedom of Speech. If you look at the history of a nightmare like the Spanish Civil War, you see both tradition and reform were destroyed by warring one-party-systems, fascism and communism, supported by outsiders who could cared less about the happiness of Spain.

    I am praying France avoids that sort of nightmare, but the way to achieve civility is not by silencing Free Speech. It is not wrong to shout “Fire!” in a theater when there really is a fire.

  3. GW Smith says:

    The left has learned to play us, and our laws, like a virtuoso. Now, even the act of
    defending ourselves is construed as an act of aggression.

  4. Phil. says:

    The first thing that occurred to me was that the fire started in attic in the vicinity of extensive scaffolding on the roof. So my presumption was that it was related to the restoration work taking place, 2000 yo, dried out wood seemed vulnerable to fire.

  5. -B- says:

    The problem is that fires start during renovations and roofing work to churches and other old buildings far too often. For instance, Pilgrim Baptist in Chicago was destroyed by fire because of a careless roofer.

    If it was deliberate they chose the proper time to do it such that it doesn’t seem as such. Even a deliberate act could look like one of carelessness of a worker.

  6. JN says:

    The alarm sounded 20 minutes before there was any fire:
    As if the source of the fire had been well hidden.

    Though, actually, come to think of it, the fire was probably due to climate change induced by white men.

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