NOAA’s Magic Purple Crayon

In 1920, NOAA had very poor coverage of the Earth.

They still have very poor coverage of the Earth.

201902.gif (1052×743)

But not to worry – like Harold they have they have their magic purple and red crayons to fill in all that empty space.

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2 Responses to NOAA’s Magic Purple Crayon

  1. arn says:

    Global warming is gonna make polar bears,beer and chocolate disappear
    we will never run out of red color,hockey sticks and apocalyptic predictions.

  2. paul courtney says:

    “Magic purple and red crayons”?!? Now, that’s just silly. They have no magic crayons, don’t need ’em- they have CO2, the magic gas that (according to SebH) can create warmth and vice-versa. Whatever that means (it means precicely what he meant, said the egg on the wall). Certainly a gas that magic can make colors, too?

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