Northwest Passage Cruises No Longer Go Through The Northwest Passage

An ice-free Northwest Passage was once the stuff of legend. But it’s now becoming the norm thanks to global warming, and commercial freighters to luxury cruise ships are racing to turn a profit off the newest frontier on earth

My Northwest Passage trip was cancelled last year, because of too much ice.

The ice has gotten thicker, and is now about twelve feet thick.

CICE_combine_thick_SM_EN_20190426.png (758×631)

The Northwest Passage is impassable, so the new strategy is that Northwest Passage cruises no longer go through the Northwest Passage.

Northwest Passage Cruise: High Arctic Adventure | Arctic Kingdom

The Northwest Passage was open in 1903 however.

TimesMachine: March 9, 1907

Climate experts say that a 0.0001 mole fraction increase in atmospheric past century has opened up the Northwest Passage, because their beliefs are based on ignorance and superstition rather than science.

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7 Responses to Northwest Passage Cruises No Longer Go Through The Northwest Passage

  1. rah says:

    Send Griff up there in a canoe. I’m sure she will find a way. If not, then there is always the chance she’ll end up as polar bear poop.

  2. Anon says:

    How about sending Michael Mann and Al Gore up there with the latest computer models to ensure these people that they don’t need a bigger boat:

    Strait of Belle Isle ferry under fire, as new committee forms to fight for changes

    As the Qajaq W idled wharfside in St. Barbe, N.L., waiting for an icebreaker to clear the way for it to cross to Blanc Sablon, Que., more than 150 residents in the Labrador Straits gathered Wednesday evening to voice their concerns about the ferry.

    “It absolutely is the wrong boat for this area,” said L’Anse au Loup town Coun. Hedley Ryland.

    Ryland became a member of a new committee formed at Wednesday’s meeting in L’Anse au Loup, meant to advocate for changes to the service.

    “We’ve been telling government … we wanted a bigger boat, we wanted more horsepower,” he said.

    “What did they do? Completely the opposite. They gave us a smaller boat and they gave us less horsepower.”

    The Canadian Coast Guard, provincial government officials as well as Labrador Marine — which operates the Qajaq W — have all noted that the ice conditions in the strait this winter have been extraordinary, with even an icebreaker getting stuck in ice at one point.

  3. Gerald Machnee says:

    I did not book any cruises through the Northwest Passage. But it might be an interesting trip debating the lead people about climate non warming.
    I flew there in the 1970’s on CO2 producing aircraft when i was posted to Resolute twice.

  4. gckoch says:

    Yes, your cruise agent is behaving just like Frobisher: it is the wrong time of year to go. Try August or possibly September.

  5. Psalmon says:

    In 1905 and 1908 Peary sailed ships to the northern end of Ellesmere Island, adjacent to the northern tip of Greenland, near where Alert Canada is today. This is where he launched his efforts to the North Pole.

    Today, any open ice at the top of Greenland, no matter how ephemeral, is “unprecedented” and “a tipping point”.

  6. Tom says:

    Lord Monckton in his mathematical analysis of the modeling that was used showed that the climate has far less sensitivity than the NASA modelers were using. Now as far as I could tell he wasn’t arguing their data (which we know is incorrect) but their mathematics used in the models. But the important thing was that it showed that the climate has a great deal less sensitivity than NASA presented. Now the important thing is that this, applied to the knowledge of the ice cores from the Russians from Antarctica and Siberia and American studies from Alaska show this same insensitivity. (

    Looking at the temperature line (blue) it appears to be holding steady when you would expect it to be falling as previously. But this is false analysis. Arctic and Antarctic regions do not gather hard ice. They have the atmospheric humidity falling out as frost and gathering on the top layers of ice. Over many decades or perhaps even centuries it builds enough weight to crush this frost down into hard ice and the results would look like the previous 130,000 year peak.

    The available data is quite clear but what is not clear is the motivations behind this assault on the world’s psyche. We can invent all sorts of possibilities (my favorite is overt racism since reducing power use dooms a third of the world to abject poverty and death) but whatever is truly driving it must be identified if it is to be defeated.

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