Frame Of Reference

This is what a person sees.

This is the same plant seen from a bird’s vantage point.

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5 Responses to Frame Of Reference

  1. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    If you want to befriend wild birds that’s the way to go. They are much more comfortable and willing to risk human contact if you arrange it that they are above you. Then you can work at it to get them more and more friendly.

    I finally managed to get a photo of my friendly wild male peewee (Grallina cyanoleuca) this week. He doesn’t like the camera so I had to hide it behind my back then do a quick-draw shot from the hip. Unfortunately my frame of reference wasn’t a bullseye…

  2. NavarreAggie says:

    Wow! I love that shot, Tony! Perspective is EVERYTHING…and that includes CAGW mythology!

  3. Andy says:

    Nice photo Tony

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