New Jersey Tornado Likelihood Higher Than Kansas

Residents of New Jersey, Maryland and Massachusetts are more likely to be hit by a tornado than people in Missouri. Illinois has the highest likelihood.

14 May 1922, Page 30 – The Wichita Beacon at

Meanwhile, the scientific illiterates at PBS and in Congress have their facts exactly backwards. Like they always do.

AOC called out by meteorologist after linking DC tornado warning to climate change | Fox News

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  1. Robertv says:

    The outgoing senate on Tuesday backed the government’s controversial plans to tackle climate change – with 62 of the 75 senators voting for the new legislation. The legislation requires future cabinets to set clear targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 95% by 2050, when compared with 1990. In addition, electricity generation must be entirely carbon dioxide free by the same date. The anti-immigration PVV and fundamentalist religious party SGP voted against, as did the pro-animal PvdD, which said the plans did not go far enough. The plans would also pass in the new senate, despite the ruling coalition not having a majority, because of GroenLinks support.

    Dutch government is full of AOC’s

  2. There’s some interesting maps from the Storm Prediction Centre.

    In terms of area, Maryland is the tie second most tornado prone behind Kansas

  3. Sean says:

    As a Maryland resident for 35 years I’ve seen a number of tornados hit the area. The reason it doesn’t make the news is that they are typically EF 0 or 1 strength and the damage and impact areas are quite limited. The tornados in the southeast and plains are often much much stronger and cut wider and longer paths. If you looked at tornado damage while correcting for population density, I don’t think Maryland would be high on the list.

  4. arn says:

    Pink Floyd have AOC on one of their Album Covers.(atom heart mother)
    They always had been decades ahead their time.

  5. paul courtney says:

    She does the wide-eye tight lip look of sanctimonious condemnation so well. Did she just catch a kid using a plastic straw when that photo was taken?

    • sol says:

      No – joe bidet (‘t’, ‘n’ – one’s useful; the other isn’t) was standing an arm’s-length away, out of frame.

    • Rah says:

      San Francisco. Can’t have a plastic straw but they’ll issue you free of charge needles and plastic syringes and maps showing where the human feces is piled up.

    • Rah says:

      It looks to me like a deer in the headlights look. Very much like the look I saw just before I creamed an Elk cow one early morning east of Flagstaff, AZ on I-40 years ago

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