Northeast Heatwave Of May 1911

On May 22, 1911 it was 101 degrees at Lewiston, Maine, 100 degrees at Farmington, Maine and 102 degrees at Purcellville, Virginia.

The heatwave caused hundreds of deaths.

22 May 1911, Page 1 – The Sydney Morning Herald at

The average maximum temperature in the Northeast that day was 91 degrees. May 22 temperatures have been declining in the Northeast since the 19th century.


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6 Responses to Northeast Heatwave Of May 1911

  1. paul courtney says:

    sarc/ alert
    Our host keeps posting these heat wave stories from early 20th century, but he ignores the drastic action taken to combat climate change in the 1930’s and 1940’s, obviously it worked back then because the planet was saved. First, the global depression: people reduced carbon footprints by not growing food, not eating, not wasting money on extracting fossil fuels, etc. Second, the russians did their part, eliminating alot of co2-emitting humans in the thirties. Not to be outdone, the chinese eliminated, like, a hundred million co2 polluters in the sixties. Mr. Heller never tells us of these feel-good climate triumphs.
    sarc/ off

  2. Patrick Teig says:

    Tony, how can I reach you? I have a question about the Unhiding the Decline program and can find nowhere to email or message you. Thanks! Patrick

  3. David Bradley says:

    The past 5 global mass extinctions of life were also ‘natural
    So no worries ;)

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