A Week Of 130 Degree Weather In Iraq

Apparently 130 degree weather was common in Iraq when CO2 levels were lower.

11 Aug 1930, Page 17 – St. Louis Post-Dispatch at Newspapers.com

01 Oct 1922, 44 – Casper Star-Tribune at Newspapers.com

h/t Don Penim

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  1. Bryn Duffy says:

    Tony, check out KQED radio’s Forum broadcasted interview with author of “The Ice at the End of the World: An Epic Journey into Greenland’s Buried Past and Our Perilous Future”, Jon Gertner.


    44:40: “I’m wondering where the room is for skeptics in the science of climate change? Is there a way to address the concerns of people who are skeptical without demonizing them? And if our general culture is set by the Media and we create our heretics by the popular understanding of what is true and what is not true, where does science come in? We are all being massaged into how we are supposed to think about these issues and I worry that it feels not like science ….but…. almost feels like a religious crusade or a doom’s day cult.
    I do know that there are legitimate concerns about how this science is conducted but I don’t see and honest conversation about those questions. I just see demonization.”

    The interviewee, Jon Gertner, NY Times columnist and book peddler, tells the caller as well as the entire Bay Area audience that there is no room in climate “science” for skepticism or doubt! Amazing that he did that. Educated members of the audience must have been taken aback.

    The dogmatic nature of the Climate Science folks acts as a devastating indictment of this corrupt field of study as I am sure you will agree. The Climate prophets have overplayed their hand and people are not buying it. Humility and skepticism is the foundation of good science. Climate science is rotting away by this arrogance and unwillingness to question their own modeling and its failure to produce reproducible predictions.

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