August 1918, When People Didn’t Have To Imagine Crises

During August, 1918 the eastern half of the US was having one of the worst heat waves on record.

Temperatures were over 110 degrees in the Midwest day after day. But there was not much hysteria about it in the press.

People had real problems to worry about then. Nearly 40 American soldiers were dying every hour in Europe.

05 Aug 1918, 1 – St. Joseph News-Press/Gazette at

Temperatures as hot as 1918 are incomprehensible now in the Midwest, just as the current levels of ignorance, superstition, navel gazing and stupidity would have been incomprehensible to people in 1918.

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  1. griff says:

    Well Europe doesn’t have to imagine it, because we just had a severe heatwave.

    And the effects of (climate related) flash flooding continue in the UK.

    and apparently (oh joy!) we are promised another heatwave later in August.

    Oh: I notice you didn’t mention the record Alaskan heatwave this year?

    • None of your beewax says:

      No we didn’t. We had two four-to-five-days heatwaves with temperatures reaching 40°C in Germany (the lastest 42.6°C had already been revoked due to UHI), which in the 1930s and 40s would’ve been normal – if not for the fact that they lasted for two months rather than a working week. The reason it’s a record now is that past temps have been calculated downwards – fraudulently, I should add. The only thing that WAS worrisome was the lack of rain, but guess what – that’s being taken care of as I write this.

      In between those heatwaves – and before and after – it’s been piss-cold, if not freezing. Which was actually counterproductive towards precipitation. Not that I complain; I can’t deal with heat, and being able to open my window and get a good night’s sleep is awesome – but this is spring weather, not “the hottest summer of all summers”.

      There was *one* German website that wouldn’t shut up about heatwaves the entirety of the last week, only to redact their statements and have a “weather expert” pull out another forecast out of her arse about how August is really going to be more like Autumn. Which doesn’t surprise me, seeing as compared to the midsummer days we’ve already lost 90 minutes of daylight per day and are taking big steps towards the equinox. At the end of August we won’t be able to reach 14 hours of daylight, meaning that the nights have lots of time to cool down.

      Alaskan heatwaves were pretty common once as well – which shouldn’t come as a surprise, given that Anchorage for instance receives 19 hours of daylight per day. The arctic melting up in summer is *normal*. Journalists live off of alarmism.

    • spike55 says:

      No they did NOT have a heat wave. They had 2 days of above average temperatures exacerbated by Urban Heat and very bad quality temperature station.

      You are a LYING IGNORANT TROLL, Griffool

      You also are a CLIMATE CHANGE DENIER, because you DENY that the current world temperature is BELOW what it has been for most of the last 10,000 years.

      Why didn’t you mention the Western Russia/Scandinavia COLD WAVE.

      You really are a pathetic chicken-little bed-wetter, aren’t you griffool.

    • rah says:

      Yes, we know Griff. You believe a heat wave is climate and not just weather. The blob of warm SSTs is back hanging off the coast of southern Alaska.

    • Rhys Read says:

      No Europe didn’t have a heatwave, Western Europe did. Eastern Europe like Moscow had record cold.

      • rah says:

        The real heat for Germany and France which are the economic base of the EU and thus their people has a lot more to do with economics and uncontrolled immigration. The combined wealth of the EU has fallen below the US aggregate and continues to fall. Their economies suck right now and they have no answers for stopping the decline. The US sugar daddy ain’t putting out no more and in fact demands a level trade table and thus the old methods just won’t work.

        • None of your beewax says:

          >The US sugar daddy ain’t putting out no more
          Only that it was never a “sugar daddy”; the U.S.A. *wanted* to be protected from the USSR even before the end of WWII. Bretton Woods was planned to be the new global economic and military system: everybody would be able to trade with anyone, under the protection of the U.S.A. (because their fleet was the only one left standing), which would provide security and economic growth to the U.S.A. as well as its vassals, and through security and economic growth, peace.

          And it was a really neat system; Europe stabilised from phases of extreme German power and extreme German weakness to the stable continent that we see today. BW only had one small problem: it worked too well, and the USSR collapsed. After that there was no need for security anymore, and with the U.S.A. developing a self-sufficient energy sector they simply don’t have any *reason* to be part of a global alliance again. Unless China and Russia reunite, but both countries have severe demographic problems that are going to emerge in full force in 2022~23.

          Same as most states in the EU, by the way. Same as Korea and Japan. And without the external force that tells the EU that war is now forbidden it’s only a matter of time until conflicts will start reappearing …

          Sad, that.

          • Rah says:

            Only one European country paid off their debt to the US after WWII and neither of them were the UK or France. After that came the Marshall plan which besides the direct financial outlay allowed significant tariffs on many US products. The Europeans continued to put various tariffs on US products and particularly agriculture. At the same time most did not increase their defense spending. I don’t believe a single NATO member comes close to the expenditure for defense as a percentage of their GPA that the US has for decades on end. He’ll the Europeans couldn’t even deal with the situation in their own back yard in the Balkans. Trump is doing his best to end all that.

    • Gator says:

      Ms Griff, start your day with this site…

      … and stop hating poor brown people.

      • Disillusioned says:

        Bob Felix’s books and Richard Lindzen’s papers were two major influences during my early awakening. Two different skeptical perspectives from two different sides of our continent.

        The geology of climate change ruined AGW for me. Forever.

    • KevinPaul says:

      griffs all orgasmic over a puff off hot air from the North African desert. In the antipodes we welcome hot air blowing over the sea from Australias’ searing interior, grow up griff boy.

  2. Sacha Dobler says:

    Very true, lol: “…just as the current levels of ignorance, superstition, navel gazing and stupidity would have been incomprehensible to people in 1918.”

  3. rah says:

    By 5 August, 1918 the US had nine divisions committed into heavy combat attempting to cut off the Marne Salient but already American Divisions are being pulled from the battle and moved south to get reorganized and staged for the first independent major independent American offensive to be aimed against Saint Mihiel, Verdun, and most importantly the German Rail Road and logistics center at Metz.

    May 28, 1918 the first significant offensive action for US Troops. The 28th Regiment of the 1st ID was successful in attack during Battle of Cantigny. The battle was a counter attack led by French light tanks supported by US Infantry against the German ‘s 3rd Spring offensive to take a highly fortified forward observation and artillery position in the village of Cantigny. Though a rather minor battle in the larger scheme of things the results
    From the second half of 1917 through the Spring of 1918 the Germans were desperate to win a final victory knowing that the Yanks were coming and that when the American forces were adequately trained and ready to do battle in large numbers the possibility of Germany winning would evaporate. So, often using their “Storm Troopers” to lead the way the Germans launched one offensive after another during the Spring of 1918.

    Subsequent actions were those that would go down in American history and military lore. Here are the most prominent in US WW I history.
    3 June, 1918 Battle of Battle of Chateau-Thierry begins
    6 June, 1918 Battle of Belleau Wood begins
    15 July, 1918 Second Battle of the Marne begins (Quentin Roosevelt, son of Teddy Roosevelt KIA) (Two future Marine Commandants participated in the battle)
    12 Sept., 1918 Saint Mihiel offensive begins (George Patton leads tanks into battle and gets wounded, Harry Truman is an artillery officer that participated in the battle)
    26 September 1918 Meuse-Argonne Offensive begins and does not end until the war ends on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

  4. STEVEN K CLOSE says:

    Some years ago I wrote the following. Along the lines of Tony Heller, but much more amateurish. Tony is the ultimate professional.

    Unbroken high temperature records suggest global cooling

    How hard would it be to find unbroken, long established, high temperature records which would suggest global cooling? An internet search reveals the following records* in degrees Fahrenheit : Santa Barbara, CA June 17,1859: 133; Death Valley, CA. July 10, 1913: 134; El Azziz, Libya September 13, 1922: 136; Daegu, South Korea August 1, 1942: 104; Proszkow, Poland July 29, 1921: 104.4; Tirat Zvi, Israel June 21, 1942: 129; Awhaz, Kuwait July 15, 1967: 129; Iceland, June 22, 1939: 86.9; Vanda Station, Antarctica January 5, 1974: 59; Athens, Greece July 10,1977: 118.4; Salta Province, Argentina December 11,1905: 120.0; South Australia January 2, 1960: 123.3; Fort Yukon, Alaska June 27, 1915: 100; Christchurch, New Zealand February 7, 1973: 108.3.

    Conclusion: since none of these records have been broken since 1977, and the mean date (deleting highest and lowest) for these records is 1941, it follows there may be a global cooling trend. Scores of similar hottest-day, longest heat wave, longest drought, records could easily be gleaned to present a global cooling theory, similar to the onslaught of cherry picked data to “prove” global warming. Similar data can be found for record low temperatures, established decades ago, thereby debunking the claims of extreme climate change theoreticians.

    Moreover, if CO2 levels have been rising steadily since the early 1900’s, why has the temperature often moved lower for decades at a time (1942-75)? And how could CO2, which comprises just 0.04% of all atmospheric gases, and is secondary to water vapor among green-house gases, have such a dramatic effect on the climate?

    Even though climate change theorists continue to pound away with new records, utilizing new measuring technologies at remote locations, nothing can explain away the historical climate record at long established locations, which suggest a cooling trend.

    Why the relentless insistence that anthropogenic global warming is occurring? Answer, follow the money. Proponents of climate change profit in several ways: 1 Government employees and university researchers who rely on crises for funding. 2 Environmental groups and other NGO’s who raise money by promoting widespread alarm. 3 Authors who sell alarmist books. 4 Those who have staked their reputations and careers on the theory and can’t afford to lose face or income. 5 Those who will profit from “solutions” to the “problem”. 6 News media which profit from running doom and gloom stories. 7 Governments which always seek more power, control and funding. 8 Unenlightened true believers (exception to follow the money).

    If you doubt, simply pick any recognized global warming proponent or outlet and find out how they derive their income.

    In re UN efforts to regulate greenhouse gases (or anything else): why corral just one herd when it’s possible to corral them all?

  5. I really love that photo “Global Warming is real”!

  6. spike55 says:


    NASA: Jakobshavn Glacier thickening and slowing down !

  7. jerry says:

    Why get upset ? Take the climate change ride that has been going on since the Earth was formed. You puny humans can’t do a thing about it even though you may be a dues paying crazed democrat communist. Hint ! If the water rises step back away from it

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