Canada’s Finest Scientists At Work

Canada’s top scientific minds have determined that all the cold, snow, rain and high water levels on the Great Lakes are due to global warming.

Blame climate change for record water levels in the Great Lakes: prof | CTV News

This comes almost twenty years after they predicted heat, drought, falling water levels and the demise of snow around the Great Lakes.

30 Mar 2001, 125 – Chicago Tribune at

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8 Responses to Canada’s Finest Scientists At Work

  1. Joel says:

    I wonder which one of the three people in the photo is the University of Waterloo Professor.

    I guess the one on the far left…

  2. Gamecock says:

    Funny how he doesn’t even tell us what ‘climate change’ means.

    ‘one of two factors “disproportionately” affecting water levels is climate change’

    The Great Lakes have been Koppen Dfb for a thousand years. Their climate hasn’t changed. Assuming ‘climate change’ means a change in climate. Which it doesn’t. It doesn’t actually mean anything.

  3. Gerald Machnee says:

    Blair Feltmate – enough said. CAGW.

  4. Gator says:

    Without climate change, there would be no Great Lakes.

    How stupid are these folks?

  5. Bob Roddis says:

    Mr. Heller:

    I think there is a much stronger case to be made here. I’ve been boating on Lake St. Clair near Detroit, Michigan for 50 years. I was under the impression that the Great Lakes continuously receive new water in the form of snow run-off from the wilds of northern Ontario north of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. Very clear water perpetually gushes through the delta of the St. Clair River near Algonac, Michigan so that the water in Lake St. Clair is replaced every two weeks.

    In April, I saw this snow depth map on the Weather Channel website showing extremely deep snow levels as of April 15, 2019.

    The map does not show the areaa above the western lakes but imply that it was even deeper than the amount of snow in the east. I believe that it was these very deep levels of snow which melted that has been the prime source of excess water in the Great Lakes. I immediately took a screen shot of the snow depth map because I assumed it would soon disappear. And it did. I never hear any mention of these snow depths on Detroit TV when the discuss the high lake levels.

    I assume you know where to find these snow depth maps.

  6. Cam says:

    There’s also this 180 degree opposite one from 2007 Science Daily:

    Declining Water Levels In The Great Lakes May Signal Global Warming
    Researchers in Michigan report new evidence that water levels in the Great Lakes, which are near record low levels, may be shrinking due to global warming. Their study, which examines water level data for Lakes Michigan and Huron over more than a century.

    In the new study, Craig Stow and colleagues point out that water levels in the Great Lakes, which supply drinking water to more than 40 million U.S. and Canadian residents, have fluctuated over thousands of years. But recent declines in water levels have raised concern because the declines are consistent with many climate change projections, they say.

  7. nfw says:

    The concept of Canada having the “finest” anything makes me roll around laughing.

  8. Norilsk says:

    When you cut down all the trees and pave things over, you get flow. Those trees act as a sponge. Check out this IJC report for some insight into the 2017 flooding.

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