New Video : The Joy Of Science

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3 Responses to New Video : The Joy Of Science

  1. GW Smith says:

    Well, that was then, but now scientists KNOW what causes everything bad in the world, carbon dioxide. Science has evolved.

    • Mike Williams says:

      Typical Liberal diatribe based on emotional agenda propaganda with absolutely NO factual evidence to back up their claim of man made carbon dioxide ruining the earth…YGBSM!! BTW all you Libs…the “green” trees really appreciate carbon dioxide so they can do their photosynthesis thing and create great quantities of O2 for this magnificent earth…or have you forgotten about that relatively important process??

  2. Scissor says:

    Good video. The situation today is much like the use of expert witnesses in court proceedings. One side only uses those witnesses that support their position. In fact, they may have had to interview many but the court only hears those that are supportive, the ones who are paid.

    I’m changing my posting name because I’m now working for a government entity that is involved in climate science.

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