All Problems Can Be Solved By New Taxes

The Washington Post says Americans should be taxed in order to prevent bad weather caused by Chinese power plants, and they believe their thinking is progressive.

A carbon tax is an effective and progressive solution for climate change. Why won’t Democrats embrace it? – The Washington Post

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14 Responses to All Problems Can Be Solved By New Taxes

  1. Dave N says:

    There’s an effective and progressive solution for breathing – why won’t you embrace it?

    Makes as much sense.

  2. James says:

    Global warming is the greatest fraud perpetrated on the world. It has two goals. Control all human behavior and to separate you from your money.

  3. MGJ says:

    “If more government is the answer, then it was a really stupid question.”

    ― Ronald Reagan

    • Aussie says:

      As Margaret Thatcher said;
      “The Problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other peoples money”.

      Leftists are entirely predictable in grabbing your money to fix the non problems they have identified. Trouble is there are too many people too stupid to see it – and the MSM keep feeding this.

    • -B- says:

      “Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else.” – Frédéric Bastiat

  4. arn says:

    Seems taxes are the most progressive thing ever.
    Whenever there is a progressive with a progressive idea
    hide your wallet as those ideas always come with a new tax –
    a trojan horse wrapped into good intentions to bring us closer to the new socialist utopia which is always just one genozide away.

    (and is it really surprising that the globalist IMF,
    a usury and tax behemoth is pushing for this?
    An organisation Michel Chussodovsky wrote the book “The globalisation of poverty” about .)

  5. I have a suggesting: make the carbon taxes apply to all news organizations, as they use vast amounts of energy and fossil fuels to gather, create, and disseminate the news, including the use of dead trees to make paper. You know the carbon footprint of the Washington Post must be huge, so, start them at $75 per ton. Let’s see how quickly they disavow their support of them.

    • -B- says:

      Ever notice there is no plan to curb the greatest consumer of energy on the planet? The US Federal Government and more specifically, its military.

  6. Petit_Barde says:

    More CO2 taxes :
    -> More relocation of the production in China (or elsewhere)
    -> production with same CO2 emissions since the fabrication processes are the same
    -> but with more CO2 emission caused by the travel back to USA of the products.

    Byproducts :
    -> increase of the unemployment
    -> impoverishment of the population
    -> less income for the local companies
    -> less income taxes for the country
    -> less ability to adapt (infrastructure, etc.) to an external event and to warrant the security and the welfare of the population.

    Such an idiotic (and dangerous) idea can only have been laid by socialists.

  7. Winston says:

    When I look at headlines and what makes for news these days, most of the time I honestly can’t be sure if the Leftists actually believe what they’re saying or are engaging in some kind of large-scale trolling of the rest of the free world, which includes conservatives, erst-while “liberals,” and everyone in between.

  8. Windsong says:

    The WaPo Editorial Board says the world requires a $75/ton carbon tax to “… to keep warming below the 2 degree C threshold scientists advise.” Which scientists? When and why did they say this? Farmers in North Dakota and the Canadian prairie provinces wiped out earlier this month would like to talk to those scientists about this notional threshold being far off in the future.

  9. Peter Carroll says:

    Governments world wide legislate to stop pollution, in all its forms. They legislate to stop pollution of rivers and water resources. To stop dumping toxic waste outside designated sites. To stop air, noise and even light pollution. But when it comes to the mythical “carbon pollution”, what is the answer? Money!
    Carbon taxes, governments profit. Cap and trade schemes, someone profits. Carbon trading, someone profits. Carbon offsets, greater profit. Climate offset funds, participants profit. Carbon sequestration, someone profits.
    What are all the nations claiming to be threatened by rising sea levels crying? “We want compensation”. Money. What must the west do for all the impoverished nations that don’t have a “large carbon footprint”? Give them money.
    Who runs the IPCC, particularly the policy division? Economists.
    The environment, the planet, come a very bad last, after money.

  10. Snorbert Zangox says:

    When I look at that picture of the Chinese generating plant, I see nothing but steam plumes. If you blow up the picture and look carefully at the interface between the top of the stack and the bottom of the plume you see a narrow band of clear air. The plumes consist of high-temperature, moist gases. When the gas leaves the stack it begins to dilute, the dilution cools the gas from the outside in and its temperature falls below the dew point and water vapor begins to condense. As the plume continues to rise more and more dilution occurs and eventually the moisture will re-evaporate and the plume will disappear. The plumes are not re-evaporating in this photo because the ambient relative humidity is high, so the plumes persist.

    The low level plumes are the exhaust from the evaporative cooling towers and clearly are nothing more than condensed water vapor. Those plumes also persist, reinforcing my conclusion that the ambient air is at a high relative humidity. They too, look dark because they block the sunlight.

    The picture was taken from a spot on the shadow side of the plumes, making them look dark, black even. This is a common and abominable trick used by left wing environmentalist photographers to compose a deceptive photograph.

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