EPA : Five To Six Feet Of Sea Level Rise

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11 Responses to EPA : Five To Six Feet Of Sea Level Rise

  1. John F. Hultquist says:

    John Hoffman, “brilliant leader of the EPA team that saved the ozone layer, founder of the hugely successful Energy Star programs, and climate protection pioneer,” died in 2012.

    Too bad. We can’t ask him about that 5 to 6 feet of water that isn’t happening. Likewise about the electrical appliances that don’t do their jobs well.

    About the Ozone layer — well, it seems to come and go. Apparently there is more to that than he knew. {It is small this season. Why?}

    • Stewart Pid says:

      Summer at the south pole soon. Well maybe it would be more correct to say warmer …. read for yourself & google for more info.

      • MrGrimnasty says:

        Anyone that follows these things will already know there was an unusual SSW event . This has nothing to do with the obvious failed reasoning/predictions about the status of the ozone hole. The ‘experts’ will not admit that they don’t have a clue/were probably wrong. Every year it’s small they declare it healed, then it grows again, and they resort to models to suggest an improvement is imminent. But that doesn’t stop them trying to use the ozone hole and the failure of the Montreal Protocol (China!) as a model/justification for global action on CO2.

        • D. Boss says:

          The ozone “hole” – which caught my attention back when that scam was perpetrated – and I then called it’s promoters and supported “eco-nazis”. The label fit then and still fits now.

          All you needed to do to dismiss that “sky is falling” manure was look up some basic facts – like O3 is produced in the upper atmo. by impingement of UV on O2. And when does the “hole” appear over South pole?

          In southern Winter, when it’s been in the dark for 6 months! Duhhhh – and to top it off the circumpolar wind pattern at S pole is peculiar in that it pretty much does not mix well with the rest of the globe.

          It’s a freaking natural occurrence! And also there is NO evidence that CFC’s actually get up there.

          Plus it was purportedly free Chlorine atoms doing the destruction – and lo and behold we release Chlorine – from just the swimming pools in N America, equal to pretty much an order of magnitude more than all CFC’s released in a year (back then – now these better, inert and benign compounds are banned)

          Then the CFC’s as propellants in all spray cans – were replaced with raw propane and butane – yeah right, that is “greener” and safer than CFC’s !

          A whole host of chemicals that were very beneficial, benign, and useful have been systematically banned by the eco nazis, and Patrick Moore said he left GreenPeace because they had become anti human, and fascist.

          The CO2 and climate change cult now, is facing extinction as a “cause” because of the efforts of realists like Tony…

          Speaking of realists, have you all seen presentations by Murry Salby on the absolute death knell for CO2 alarmism?


          It is long, but well worth it. He shows empirically that majority of the CO2 rise has been in fact naturally occurring.

          • Petit_Barde says:

            With respect to the Murry Salby’s presentation, look after 22:30 :

            Prof Salby present the Cross-Correlation between global mean T and CO2 concentration.

            The right part is consistent with T being a driver of the CO2 concentration with a positive correlation between the two time series and a lag of some 10 months :
            – as far as I know, this is at least consistent with respect to oceans with the Henry’s law. Prof Salby generalizes this with the concept of field emission which have been observed to have a strong sensitivity to T.

            The left part of the diagram is also very interesting :
            – it shows no positive correlation between the CO2 concentration and T. And the correlation is rather negative (with a lag of some 16 months), which could lead, if anything, to the hypothesis that the CO2 acts as a negative feedback with respect to T variations.

            Thus, how can the CO2 impact on global temperatures hypothesis be infered and worse, a “theory” be constructed, if it’s not even consistent with an observed correlation ?

            I think that’s the main reason why the AGW supporters have been gradually cheating the temperature data for over 2 decades :
            – they desperately try to “find” a correlation …

          • D. Boss says:

            Correction, I meant to type Antarctic “Spring” not winter. Thus the ozone hole appears after being in the dark for 6 months.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Conjecture and accusation are the left’s hard evidence.

  3. Peter Carroll says:

    All these forecasts of doom, are getting further and further into the future. The climate apocalypse has been moved from 2020, to 2050, now to some time early next century. The infamous “tipping point”, is still as far off as it was when all this global warming, faux science started.
    Keep up the good work Tony

  4. gregole says:

    Best guess huh. Off by five or six feet.

    Exaggeration, innuendo, best-guesses; pretty much sums up climate-so-called-science.

  5. Disillusioned says:

    Yabbbbbut that’s been updated. Atmospheric physicist Alexandrio Ocasia Cortes has told us we have until [Agenda] 2030 to save the world. Her colleague, carbon dioxide seer and climate expert Greta Thunberg concurs – the planet is going to hell in a very, very large hand basket.

    It is time to panic now. /

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