Fighting Global Warming With Fake Data For 50 Years

Massart said Schlesinger studied climate change and global warming at UCLA in the 1960s and went around trying to stop companies from polluting, even though nobody knew what global warming was at the time.

“Everyone just thought he was crazy, and he went on to do all this research to really open everyone’s eyes, and now climate change is really recognized as a tremendous thing that we must pay attention to around the world,” Massart said. “He really made a significant impact there.”

“Professor Schlesinger was one of the most intelligent people I have ever worked with.  As a professor, he was very demanding of his graduate students, always insisting on the highest quality work, and as a result, his students have gone on to very successful careers,” Rauber said.

Schlesinger leaves donation after death | The Daily Illini

This 2011 article by Michael Schlesinger has an Arctic sea ice graph which peaked before 1970, and showed a steady decline ever since. He said “Strange things are happening at the top of the earth.”

28 Aug 2011, Page 22 – Poughkeepsie Journal at

His graph looks nothing like the graphs from Vinnikov in the 1985 DOE Report and the 1990 IPCC report.

Projecting the climatic effects of increasing carbon dioxide 

1990 IPCC Report

Vinnikov showed a sharp gain in ice during the 1970s and no net change in sea ice extent from 1963 to 1990. The graph below merges the 1985 and 1990 Vinnikov graphs at the same scale on both axes.

Schlesinger showed a decline of 2 million km. sq. from 1963 to 1990.

It was widely reported that Arctic sea ice increased during the 1970s, but Schlesinger showed a sharp decline..

March 2, 1975 – B-r-r-r-r: New Ice Age on way soon? | Chicago Tribune Archive

The next diagram overlays Schlesinger’s graph on the 1985 DOE graph, at the same scale. Schlesinger showed nearly 50% more ice in the 1960’s than the 1985 DOE Report

I normalized the graphs by sliding Schlesinger’s graph down the Y-axis. After doing that, the period prior to 1977 looks somewhat similar.

Then I added in the 1995 IPCC graph in blue.  Schlesinger’s trends look nothing like those in the 1985 DOE Report and the 1990 IPCC report.

In 1922, journalists used the same words : “Strange things happening in the Frozen Arctic.”  They described a radical change in climatic conditions with hitherto unheard-of high temperatures, and glaciers disappearing. They wondered if the Arctic was going to melt entirely.

07 Apr 1923 – NORTH POLE MELTING. – Trove

03 Dec 1922, Page 92 – The Pittsburgh Press at

NOAA uses a different propaganda technique from Schlesinger.  They don’t make data up, but rather they hide all the inconvenient data before the peak in 1979.

There has been no trend in sea ice extent since the start of MASIE records in 2006.


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10 Responses to Fighting Global Warming With Fake Data For 50 Years

  1. Louis J Hooffstetter says:

    So Schlesinger’s a Putz…

    • Phil. says:

      His graph looks nothing like the graphs from Vinnikov in the 1985 DOE Report and the 1990 IPCC report.

      Actually it does, both his and Vinnikov’s graph (fig 5.2) show an increase of about one million sq km in the early 60s peaking around 1965 followed by a decline.

  2. arn says:

    So William Schlesinger was the original Al Gore as Severn Suzuki was the original Greta.

    At least one must give him credit,though being a data illeterate,
    this crazy guy infected half of the world with his lunacy
    and now his crap is superreliable(as in the meantime the global cooling scare propaganda was replaced by global warming,
    and just as the mentally ill trans people of the 70ies
    becamw the new normal
    Schlesingers stupidities are science now.

    This guy should get the Paul Ehrlich Fake Science Award.
    5 decades of nonsense and still being respected
    is a thing only very few people achieved who were not politicians.

  3. KevinPaul says:

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing….climate is far too complex for one man or any one discipline to fathom.
    A little knowledge has enabled the imposition of a giant ponzi scheme with politicians and scientists at the top and all the bleeding poor at the bottom again.
    To hell with all these devious parasites.

  4. Mary Innes says:

    PhD stands for Post hole Digger where I come from.

  5. Peter Glaister says:

    In New Zealand our media have propaganda of catastrophic warming….and the accompanying don’tchallenge our narrative. They have a side box to illustrate the issue with fake NASA data and our own government NIWA data for NZ. What surprises me is the NZ data is yet to be altered!

    Tony I think you should look into this….how long till NIWA alters the data?

  6. G W Smith says:

    Lefties hate being found out. So they pivot and attack from a different position, and the battle continues.

  7. anothermaninthemirror says:


    Look what the latest alarmist catastrophic climate change cult web page is producing…

    They start their history of climate “history” in 1950 and then among other data, project what will happen with high medium and low carbon emissions up to 2100, with some sophisticated graphics.

    Take a look……

  8. John F. Hultquist says:

    I think the “Strange Things Happening . . . ” article from the Pittsburgh Press – 1922 – is the one with:

    “. . . the Great Ice Cap Is Slowly Melting Away – – Which May Soon Reveal the Hidden Secrets of the Unknown Polar Continent”

    That’s amazing. I’ve never gotten to know this Polar Continent.
    Seems there is a lot to learn.

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