Getting Angry At The People Who Keep You Alive

The Guardian says that you should be angry over the fact that temperature graphs from NASA show a small increase in global temperature over the past century. They want fossil fuels shut down.

If you are under 34, you have never experienced a month of below average temperatures | Greg Jericho | Opinion | The Guardian

A few months ago, the Guardian reported record cold in Chicago, and that people were dying for lack of warmth.

Polar vortex 2019: eight dead as Arctic air spreads across midwest | US news | The Guardian

Montana just endured one of the nation’s most exceptional cold spells on record – The Washington Post

All Time Record Low Temperature In Illinois Now Official

They want you to be angry at the people who keep from dying in the cold, because of some fake temperature graphs from NASA.

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9 Responses to Getting Angry At The People Who Keep You Alive

  1. G W Smith says:

    Alarmist “scientists” aren’t talking to people who can read,
    only to those who want to be led.

  2. Gator says:

    The definers of “average” can make it whatever they want, it is absolutely meaningless in today’s fungible climate record keeping.

  3. KevinPaul says:

    “If you are under 34, you have never experienced a month of below average temperatures” and we can feed you a load of bull, herd you wherever we want to, and you wont be any the wiser.

    And there in lies the crux of the matter, our mortal coil is so short relative to climate cycle frequencies, but they made a big mistake choosing CO2 as the boogie man. How can a trace gas cause both global warming and cooling at the same time, and where is the scientific proof of that?

  4. Taphonomic says:

    I’m older than 34 and I remember circumpolar vortex excursions that froze Chicago in the late 1970s when people were banging the drum for global cooling. At that time, the excursions were cited as evidence for global cooling. Global cooling fell through when it became apparent that scientist were talking about an impending ice age in 500 to 2000 years.

  5. Winston says:

    “Here’s a little statistic to wrap your head around. The last year to experience global annual temperatures below the 1951-1980 average was 1976 – so if you are less than 43 years old you have never experienced a year with below average temperatures.”

    I’m always leery of these comparisons to average temperatures over what appears to be a very suspiciously chosen time period. Why compare temperatures to the average temperature of 1951-1980? Why not the average from 1930-1951? Or the average from 1981-1990? Also, the last clause in this quoted paragraph is disingenuous to say the least. “….so if you are less than 43 years old you have never experienced a year with below average temperatures ***compared to the not-so-arbitrarily-chosen time period 1951-1980***.” There; I fixed it for you, Mr. Jericho.

    The raw temperature data I’ve seen on this site suggests that 1951-1980 was a cooling period, so the average temperature from this period is, quite naturally, going to be lower than the adjacent time periods which have been so conveniently excluded by choosing this particular 30-year swathe of time. I guess we weren’t supposed to notice this?

  6. Bruce of Newcastle says:

    The climateers cool the past then average the whole dataset. So of course recent temperatures are above the average when historic ‘temperatures’ are 2 and 3 degrees below what the people at that time originally measured.

    They expect us to believe that meteorologists in the 1940’s couldn’t read a thermometer correctly?

  7. theRealUniverse says:

    Cox is a disgrace. He says he admires Feynman, but he is the opposite of Feynman. He is a failed theorist, what has he discovered about the cosmos that is undeniable?
    Cox..go and read Hoyle..if you dare!

  8. Michael Spencer says:

    And the phony graph being displayed by Professor Brian Cox was aimed at debunking Australian Senator Malcolm Roberts who, surprise! surprise! has put in probably rather than a trifle more than the good professor into checking the climate FRAUD in which the Brain Cox evidently believes.

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