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  1. Klaus says:

    Super interesting! Sounds too good to be true, though. And I doubt that the UN will change their AGW narrative.

  2. Rosco says:

    0.1 % solar forcing equates to 1.36 W/m2.

    1.36 W/m2 = 1.36 J/m2/second. Over a year with an atmospheric mass of 5.148 x 10^18 kg, surface area of 5.101 x 10^14 m2, Q = 1.36 and specific heat of air = 1005 J/kg°C and 31.536 x 10^6 seconds per annum you can easily calculate that delta T is of the order of 4.23°C every year such a forcing exists.

    This is a large temperature change – far larger than any warming evidenced so far and all due to a 0.1% change in solar insolation alone.

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